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the Zone of rest at your house

last years the increasing distribution receives good custom. In connection with those either other holidays or events of political value collectives of tenants do the report on those useful actions which have been spent by them. And at all these meetings a red thread passes thought on an area accomplishment, constantly there is a question: "О=ю still it is possible to make, that the adjacent territory to the house became a place for the present rest of tenants, a zone of good mood where people of all age equally cosy feel. On the equipment of territory about the house this thought on an accomplishment finds complete support in our offer.

It is a question of one of variants of creation of a zone of rest at edge of the lawn, including and a box with sand for kids, and there and then nearby a corner where fans of chess can battle.

As a material scraps of boards, for example, remained from other joint civil work are used. Our zone of rest can be divided into separate parts, having used thus the partitions equipped in the form of boxes (drawing see) in which the earth is fallen asleep and the most various plants land. Thus, on the one hand, having united small territory, and at the same time having divided it into separate sites, it is possible to create the cosy corners equitable to the most different interests and corresponding to the most different forms of leisure. Needless to say that our drawing considers only one, a special case with which it is possible to vary and supplement somehow; all depends on your concrete conditions and possibilities. .

We Will pass to constructions. Boxes - partitions are knocked together by nails from thick reek in the form of the big frames. Both for frames of these boxes, and for their external covering, not pared down wood which is not demanding any additional processing is applied. The height of boxes should not be more than 100 sm, width - approximately 30-40 see Certainly, the boxes, the they ustojchivee are wider. In these boxes connected thick rejkami in height approximately of 200 sm (as it is specified in drawing), it is possible to hang up in addition boxes with colours. .

However boxes will be steadiest, if on two third to fill with their clay earth, and on one, the top third to fall asleep the good earth, suitable for cultivation of plants. All construction will have a special, decorative appearance if for a timbering of boxes you use gorbyli, on which else here and there there was a bark.

The Bench for rest is made of scraps of boards of various width (at an identical thickness approximately 2 sm).-Вначале on the earth are established two or three (depending on length of a bench) round timber or a bar which will be used as legs. To them privertyvaetsja screws or nail up a frame from reek in the thickness 3 see Then across keep within and boards for a sitting surface (they can be tightened also screws) are strongly nailed up. The sitting height - approximately 40-45 see For a back of a bench we also we make a frame and we establish it with an easy inclination from sitting to a box wall before which we put a bench (see drawing). .

This frame from above strongly incorporates to a box wall and in the bottom part privertyvaetsja screws to beaten behind rejke therefore strongly incorporates to sitting. Then on this frame we have vertically boards of the most various width. As forward edges are the firm end faces, all corners are necessary for rounding off well. .

The Little table and small benches (located in the left part of drawing) are made by the same principle, as a bench. For them round timbers or brusy to which frames fasten are used, and over frames on a diagonal boards thanks to what a table-top and sitting get original structure are nailed up. .