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the Workplace in "ГхЁърыіэюь чрых"

In old structures, one-apartment or duplex houses, and also in some, so-called "эют№§ houses on old ырф" there are well equipped attics. Ideally here there is even a small lateral window. However, as a rule, it is necessary to be content with a skylight. And nevertheless it is a pity to use this premise as a closet for storage of any stuff. Such premise should be converted in a working room where nobody will disturb the schoolboy or the student to do a homework or to prepare for offset, and there can be even young inventors will make here the first opening. And anyway you will have an additional room, first of all for your senior children who, for example, can meet here the friends.

Division of a premise Offered by us is only a starting point to be engaged in re-equipment taking into account concrete conditions. Round a door we suggest to construct a rack of boards in width 2O-25 see Over a door (this part of a rack is desirable for closing a curtain) there will be a place for small archive. On wider part of a wall about a door it is possible to equip a hanger. In narrower part of a rack, between a door and a basic beam (further the ceiling becomes inclined), it is possible to place books or to put old phone with a direct line in apartment. By the way, who knows, there can be it will outgrow then in hobby of your son for technics. .

Under an inclined ceiling and a skylight, it is possible to equip a rest Corner with rather simple means. Here it is possible to put an ottoman and furniture for sitting. Between a wall and an ottoman it is possible to establish low, not above stool sitting, to a regiment. .

It is necessary to give the Basic attention to a wall opposite to a skylight which carries out decorative problems and as though expands a premise. However it is necessary to give not smaller attention and the basic beam located opposite to a door with which it is possible to equip, and, better to say, to convert and use it simultaneously as a desk, book shelves, and a place where it is possible to sit and chat simply. .

In the beginning concerning the wall equipment. Optical effect of that the premise became wider, is reached very simply. We take some mirrors (in their housekeeping, probably, it was typed much, and all of them, certainly, in an excellent condition) and we hang up them so that they have formed a continuous surface in all width of a wall. On the party turned to a door, this smooth surface should reach a floor and have height approximately. 170 see (Speaking about such premises, we mean that their general height makes approximately 200 see) Mirrors fasten on laths, which in advance privertyvajutsja to a wall (on built in in it plastic shkanty) according to size of mirrors. Other surface of a wall is pasted over with decorative wall-paper. For a part of our wall which has been not occupied with mirrors, we equip regiments on which it is possible to place books, souvenirs etc. .

Now we are accepted to a beam. After our work it becomes non-uniformly growing tree of a life as we have got used to see it on schedules of statisticans. In the bottom branch we equip a table-top (with height approximately 75 sm). The width of a table-top - approximately 105 sm and depth - 75 see Prosaws in a beam (and it concerns all regiments strengthened on it) should be superficial that they negatively have not affected its basic purpose - to be a basic beam.

That the table was steady, under a table-top drive in with nails into a beam rejki in the thickness 3 see It is possible to put under a table and a box-shaped support. As a support for shelves are used thick bruski, fixed round a beam and (according to length of shelves) along a wall. .