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When under a ladder it is a lot of place

Some corners of our apartment frequently simply remain without attention. Therefore in most cases they, unfortunately, are used insufficiently rationally. Everywhere, where there is a ladder in the one-apartment house or on a summer residence, there is a place which, if to put a few imaginations, it is possible to equip with advantage for business. In our drawings we result three those variants as space under a ladder to make the most efficient use.

First of all we will disassemble the top drawing which gives the top view and nearby a side view of the first variant.

We Equip a forward part of space under a ladder in the form of a rack as it is specified in drawing. This rack will be not only a furnish element, but also an element of an ornament of a staircase. Under a ladder access to which is limited, especially if a ladder flat, it is possible to use a back part of space as podsobku. That it was possible to get easily things which there are stored, from thick boards the second shelf which is established on four rollers becomes. Thanks to this simple adaptation, a regiment it is easy to push in podsobku under a ladder and as it is easy to put forward it. Certainly, it is not necessary to put and put too heavy things on it, and basically such, as empty suitcases, bags, boxes etc. If to a shelf to attach in front something of handle type, for example, as at a children's carriage it will even more facilitate management of it. .

The Rack should have depth 25-30 the Fringing see becomes from rather thick boards. However it is possible to make also a frame and to sheathe it from one or two parties a firm wood-fiber plate (TDVP) and plywood. The fringing consists of boards of a rack and an inclined part, is strong privernutoj under a ladder by means of screws and shkantov. .

It is the most convenient to spend processing if regiments are connected to a lateral wall and an inclined part wooden shkantami. Regiments get additional stability, thanks to vertical partitions which simultaneously serve as support. The back wall consists of firm wood-fiber plates (TDVP), thin drevesnostruzhechnyh plates (DSP) or a similar material.

It is desirable, that this rack has been painted in tone to a ladder handrail. On a rack books, and on corners small subjects of is art-industrial craft can be placed. As it is possible to hide a hanger in a hall, shows the second variant (in average drawing the profile and the front view is given). In front the hanger is closed by the connected boards. Edges of boards are rounded so that seams look as any special ornament. .

Before boarding an inclined part, we do from thick reek a strong frame on which narrow party the door is hung. In an inclined part the rack, on the other hand - a hanger on the one hand takes places. However the acute-angled forward wall also (as it is presented on a general view) can be sheathed an old material, to paste over with wall-paper or to paint. The mirror, the fixture and a box for gloves finish registration. The third variant (the bottom drawings see) is an idle time performed by closed clothes with regiments. Behind it is small podsobka. According to the necessary sizes it is made from thick reek a frame. .

The Wardrobe part under a ladder includes a shelf for headdresses. It also is closed (in this case in front) by a curtain. In the bottom part of a case there are doors, over them there is a premise for books etc. Access to small podsobke, located in a sharp corner, is carried out through a wardrobe premise. It also is closed by a curtain. .