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When the ceiling is too high

Many of those who lives in old apartments, would like, that a ceiling in some rooms, and sometimes and in any part of a room was a bit more low: it will create at once cosiness atmosphere. More often this desire concerns a corridor. The narrow and long corridor, which ceiling besides, above 260 sm, makes impression of mountain gorge. Any intermediate ceiling helps to solve this problem; for this decision there are the most various variants. Thus the design should be solid, strong and besides beautiful. For achievement of this purpose it is required to put certain efforts and to spend for work corresponding quantity of hours.

It is necessary to start a construction of such intermediate ceiling, preliminary all properly having thought over. As such building is connected and with certain material inputs, it is necessary to choose in advance the most expedient variant and to estimate, whether it is impossible to make, that is planned, by means of already available material. .

Therefore we offer here only the basic scheme which can be varied by means of the diversified means. It is a question about so-called kessonnom overlapping, when separate squares of frames from below privertyvajutsja screws on bearing frame design. At bolshej to width of a frame the design should be, of course, strongly connected to a ceiling. For our example we take a corridor in width approximately 120 see In this case enough if we with the help shkantov attach to walls bearing rejki. They support the inserted cross-section connections and by that give to all design reliable stability. Caissons can be strengthened densely to each other or with an interval 1-2 cм. Thanks to a thickness of frames kessonnogo overlappings, there is an additional drawing of a ceiling. .

Frames make of not too thick wood. Corners are lapped among themselves and strongly stick together. The structure shown in drawing results from joining to a frame reek which are simply nailed up to it, therefore will defend from a ceiling for the whole thickness of a frame. Besides it is possible to make zapilivanie frames on half of its thickness or for all thickness.

This or that drawing of a ceiling arises how beat rejki to a frame, directly or slantwise.

On the scheme two variants as the frameworks prepared in advance, incorporating at the upper right are presented create ceiling drawing. But rejki, forming a pattern, it is possible to rearrange downwards and with the help zapilivanija to frame kesonnogo a ceiling. Giving various paints, it is possible to achieve additional effect. .

Now we will tell about partial facing of a ceiling of a premise as it is shown in drawing at the upper left. In this case the frame is freely suspended indoors. On the one hand it keeps, thanks to connection with a ceiling while both other parties are strongly connected to room walls. They privernuty by means of screws and shkantov or are connected by probes. It is possible, as it is underlined here, to issue a ceiling in the form of a lattice or to use any of kessonnyh variants. On the scheme below placing of bearing frames on privernutyh to a wall rejkah from above (at bolshej at the left is shown loading) and from below (at an easy ceiling). .

Drawing below on the right shows an example when the pattern is formed as a result of various placing of squares or rectangles. Thus for overlapping it is possible to use various materials, for example, the straw mats which have been well picked up in the colour relation to each other, cardboards or a foil. And new variants far are not settled by it. .