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As it should be and near at hand

and magazines not simply read Newspapers, and then postpone to hand over in paper for recycling or to use on an economy. Probably, nevertheless someone already cut out this or that article to keep it that it important or especially interesting. The information containing in these articles, is necessary to us for the most different purposes, maybe, for certain lessons at school, maybe, for pioneer or Komsomol affairs or for something another. Besides, taking a great interest in any theme, it is necessary to create to itself, thus, small archive which can become in due course and big. However the most good selection will not render us advantage if the material in it is not resulted in a corresponding order that, in case of need, could be found quickly that is necessary for us. In this connection we have councils and offers which should help you.

The First council is connected with the equipment of branch of the case closed by means of folding dverki. For this purpose most easier to equip already available, approaching for our purpose, a case. The principle consists that in one, closed in front, branch of a case we can place in a certain order on plug-in regiments various folders, packages etc. With archival materials, and that can urgently be demanded, attach a latch to leaning back dverke. For this purpose we will close certain branch of a case leaning back dverkoj in the thickness, approximately, 2 see .

For dverki we can quite use a material from any old piece of furniture. The piece of a plywood plate or a frame with corresponding cross-section connections, from both parties sheathed by a firm wood-fiber plate (TDVP) will approach also. In drawings (at the left above and below) it is shown, how it is equipped such dverka. Abroach dverka forms simultaneously a small little table on which it is convenient to look through the picked up material. For a fastening of sheets it is possible to use a clip from an old writing folder. .

The Folding door keeps in the top position by means of a magnetic latch or the small lock device (drawings at the left above and below see). The rotation axis should enter into a tree from both parties a minimum on 4-5 see At the equipment of such branch it is recommended to pass this axis through walls and outside to cover with decorative caps. .

The Space closed dverkoj, it is possible to equip in the diversified image, like secretary shelves. For storage of cards of a card file or a similar material boxes of the various sizes, from small to the big well approach. The second variant of storage of materials is connected with a design of type of a little table (drawing on the right above see). To it four are attached folding dverki, supplied with corresponding tightening adaptations. From below dverki fasten with the help sharnirnyh loops. Such device is calculated, of course, first of all for collective use in youth clubs or schools. Depending on the sizes of this little table having a rigid design, it is possible to arrange in a certain order a full selection of newspapers and magazines for the certain period. .

In a suitable corner we can equip an original rack for daily, sootv. The weekly periodical press. For this purpose, as is shown in drawing below on the right, it is established and the metal or plastic core is rigidly fixed on a corresponding table. Then from a waste of plastic tubes or cardboard tubes not used more we construct our device. For this purpose tubes in the middle are bored through and will come across a core. Between a core and a tube the wooden washer or the wooden ball providing designs mobility is located. .

It is necessary to paint all bright paints and to paste for descriptive reasons cut out name of the newspaper, and our original device is ready, to the daily use.