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When a wood waste decorates apartment

To trifles which always well look, book-holders certainly concern. The plate for keys which or hides in a niche, or, as an ornament is convenient and practical, is hung up in a corridor. And at last one more thing which is very effective decorative element, we name its wooden tile, a thing which brings an original original ornament in apartment.

All these subjects have something the general, namely that all of them, are almost entirely made of a wood waste.

For supports under the book to us thick pieces of wood (drawing below at the left see), providing a reliable support are required. Therefore the thickness of wood should be not less than 3 Vertical boards see should have width approximately 12 sm and height - 15 sm, horizontal - length approximately 10 They see strongly stick together among themselves, in this case also incorporate to the help of screws. (Needless to say that screws we utaplivaem not to damage covers of books.) for books it is possible to paint deliveries, but it is possible and to process morilkoj, to varnish or burn out on them any pattern. .

For a plate under keys it is necessary to break away a piece krugljasha the corresponding length (for example, a fruit-tree bough). A thickness of a lath also define. Then we will smooth the party which will be turned to a wall, and we will process a face sheet of our lath (by means of a chisel) so that to underline rough structure of wood. Then we will cover a surface with a colourless varnish and we will tighten corresponding hooks. .

For our wooden framework with tile slices the following operating procedure is planned: we take the cleared piece of a board (thickness approximately 2см) and it is pasted on it a waste from reek a various thickness and length. It is possible to paste also (as is shown in average drawing on the right) the broken away slices of wood. The tree structure is underlined by corresponding processing of a surface of a background. Some such tiles located on a wall nearby with each other or with various intervals, create exclusive decorative effect. .

The Following from this that we offer are a simple wooden frame which can be used for a picture or a mirror (the top drawing at the left see). For this purpose we use rejki in the width 3-5 sm and thickness of 1,5-2 sm (the sizes depend on the planned size of the future frame). As is shown in drawing, rejki in crossing places have cuts on half of their thickness, then they are hollowed out by a chisel and inserted each other. Crossing places can be underlined in addition still, having hammered coming out decorative nails or having inserted into the drilled apertures wooden pegs (or wooden nails). As a support for a picture or a mirror is pasted and fastens on pins rejka which acts forward on half of its thickness. Other half is on a frame inside. After fair polishing of its frame it is necessary to process morilkoj, instead of to varnish. .

The Characteristic detail of kitchens is the box for records on an economy. It consists of the basic board, three pieces reek (below and on the box parties) and a forward wall. As it to make, it is visible from drawing (below on the right). This small subject rendering the big help in economic affairs (purchases etc.), it is possible to issue very in an original way outwardly (by means of a paint or a burning out on a tree) to create in kitchen a pleasant colour stain. .

And the last that we would like to recommend to make, is a simple tray. From each of the narrow parties of its basic plate are attached on two brusochka, to Which screws privertyvaetsja rejka. After all parts properly stick together Among themselves or are fastened by screws, we receive a strong tray for ware, Which will find the place in housekeeping.