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the Vestibule to own taste

Vestibules of apartments are quite often planned in such a manner that the usual furniture takes places in them with great difficulty. Therefore frequently it is necessary to establish there regiments and to think out other self-made designs. Thus the preference appears to those decisions which not only are easy for carrying out but which, besides are modern, original and besides have practical value. For example, the youth prefers not to hide deeply in cases and not to lock thing which are required daily, and on the contrary to put them on a foreground that all of them time were near at hand. However all it should look decently and not make impression of an open closet.

Considering all these remarks, we will begin that we will measure a vestibule that, to establish what area is in our disposal, and what part from it can be used for re-equipment. As it is known, this part of apartment does not happen too big, and if it is possible to guarantee that as a result of all reorganisations there will be an unobstructed pass through a vestibule, it is necessary to think of how it is the most rational to dispose of other space. .

The Skeleton from reek, presented in our drawing, should serve as an impulse for the masters-fans, wishing to solve a problem as well as that it is possible to construct without special complications in a hall, having used all space from a ceiling to a floor. The thickness reek depends on size of the planned design. The more a premise which should be blocked, the should be thicker rejki, intended for this purpose. If it is planned to place on regiments heavy subjects, it should be accordingly considered at a construction of shelves. In our case we recognise that a thickness reek approximately 4 x 6 Rejki see are located in such a manner that the construction is looked through through. In narrow vestibules the sensation of narrowness of a hall is weakened. .

In our example there are two vertical bokoviny and two cross-beams. One of cross-beams is located so highly over a floor that it is convenient to put under it footwear (better in boxes with colour labels on the forward party), another is located at such height that it is possible to get easily from it everything that is necessary, and at the same time, that takes places on it, should fill rationally a shelf to a ceiling. In those places where rejki are crossed (see the bottom drawing), drilling on corresponding depth is made. If the construction is planned for long operation, into the drilled apertures are entered shkanty, and besides rejki in crossing places stick together with each other. .

If we are going to update from time to time our design, varying it, it is recommended (as is visually shown in drawing) to enter into an aperture an iron rod on which one end there is a hat, and on other screw cutting on which we, having dressed podkladnuju a washer, we screw a nut and thus strongly we connect our skeleton. This construction allows to provide in it of various width compartments and branches; it is possible to stretch regiments for any length. (It is necessary to consider however space about a door, niches etc.). Continuing a design across at right angle, it is possible to think up interesting and rational variants also. .

The Distance between vertical bokovinami, otherwise, between bearing elements, should be no more than 100-120 It see depends, certainly, on this or that loading. If it is planned to make very long regiments, it can be found out that reek such length does not happen on sale. Then it is recommended to connect rejki vnahlestku or to refuse superlong shelves. .

In our example the average branch is equipped under a hanger and supplied by a bar. For durability of a design one more board is behind in addition provided.