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Usually passes some time while a newly-married couple will move from the parental house to own habitation. But also on this "яхЁх§юфэ№щ" the period they, certainly, will want to make the room cosy. The furniture which they get for this time, should approach and in the future apartment. Whether it is obligatory, however to find certain independence, at once to go to a furniture store and to do the big purchases. To the home life beginning at all will not damage, if to undertake a saw, the hammer and a plane and that is told "т ю§ю=ъѕ" to make the hands something practical that it is possible to use already now.

For this purpose it is offered to make a set of various bedside tables which for a life in the parental house can be collected in a narrow furniture wall. Later, in own apartment, it can be disassembled for filling of a room and to add, for example, with set of armchairs. .

The Collected wall consists of six parts grouped on three and put one on another (the top drawing see). Main principle of a design - regiments, and some parts are in front closed dverkami. (Instead of them it is possible to hang and folding dverki). Separately six components are distributed as follows: three big, width on 90 sm and three small, width on 45 see Depth - 40см. In each part distance between the bottom edge and the first shelf-15 the sm, all subsequent, wider intervals have height 30 see As a material the stuck together boards or plywood plates are applied. Besides, it is possible to use and (if is) old, but still well remained door jambs or lateral walls of a case. .

Each of four bottom, accordingly average parts has height 75 Both top parts see have height on 45 see Thus, it turns out that the made wall has width of 135 sm and height 195 see Later when the wall will be disassembled on components - bedside tables, they will quite beautifully be entered in modern premises. Besides, thanking their various height different variants of their arrangement are possible. .

Connection of shelves with walls is carried out with the help shkantov. They can be hammered together also nails as boxes, however it is necessary to drown hats of nails, and formed as a result of this aperture - to putty and in summary carefully to polish surfaces with an emery paper.

It is possible to do Bedside tables without back walls (except the parts closed dverkami), however it is better if they are inserted into in advance prepared grooves or are beaten behind by nails. As a material for this purpose moleno to use thin firm wood-fiber plates (TDVP), accordingly plywood. .

Dverki (consisting of a material in the thickness of 2 sm, as well as all the others, parts) moleno to make from this a material, as a wall, or of the frames sheathed TDVP. When we will adjust them between lateral walls, it is necessary to consider that regiments against which they lean, should defend back for a corresponding thickness.

As our self-made bedside tables and in new apartment should be in harmony with curtains, wall-paper and a covering of armchairs, it is recommended to choose for colouring neutral tone which could correspond to any another further.

The bedside tables Put against each other, form a rigid design, thanks to connection (with the help privernutyh screws of metal shelves) on a back wall. .

In the bottom drawing one of variants of installation of the disassembled wall is represented. Thus, certainly, it is possible to attach new, additional parts to bedside tables. Rather low bedside tables it is possible, at desire, to build on, using advice containing in the given book and the recommendation about the equipment of cases and shelves.