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the Universal football ground

it is a lot of constructions and the installations equipped in a court yard, it is calculated on giving pleasure to children. Boxes with sand for childish sports and similar constructions of a steel in court yard already an everyday occurrence. However by means of imagination it is possible to go and much further. In apartment we willingly use, so-called, universal purpose furniture. Why we cannot create something similar on a platform for games? We connect any football gate to the Swedish wall, a puppet theatre and a small open-air stage.

This universal construction is better to arrange so that behind it there was a wall without windows. It is possible to make it and on an open place if to protect a high grid.

Football gate become their two wooden frames (the top drawing see). The sizes of frames approximately correspond to collars of the reduced football ground. On distance of 150 sm from each other rush into the earth lateral racks. As a material bars (in a diameter 15 h 15 sm) on two vertical and on one cross-section are used. .

Angular connections are carried out vnahlestku or by means of thorns. Strong top connection between both frames standing one after another also is carried out with the help bruskov an identical thickness. After that gate can be used for game in football provided that they are deeply enough driven in the earth. The parts of wood which are in the earth, should be preliminary greased or impregnated by the structures interfering rotting. .

The Back edge of gate should be removed from a building or fence blank wall, at least, on 150 sm that to a design, in case of need, there was an approach behind. That, when in football do not play, interested persons could polazat on a wall, gate are equipped as follows: On both narrow parties cross-section laths, distance between which same, as at usual step-ladders become stronger. However they should be strengthened reliably that children could climb on them without danger to break. Is better, if used for steps thick rejki will be vrezany on half of their thickness in vertical bruski. All edges should be slightly rounded here again to avoid damages. .

At use of our design for the puppet theatre equipment it is done, first of all, cross-section division into back edges of forward racks of gate. Thus the bar passing in all width a collar, is cut on the ends in such a manner that he can be put on any steps depending on the necessary height. The skeleton of a scene of our puppet theatre received thus we close a coverlet (average drawing see). The back background is formed by floridly painted side scene of a fabric or a cardboard. And if we want to convert all in an open-air stage, the back wall is fitted by a fabric or a sacking. In front, on the parties of a forward frame of gate it is possible to pull bokoviny from an identical material which fasten on the bars dug into the earth. Thanks to it, the scene opticheski extends. If it is necessary, on the earth it is possible to put a wooden lattice or to equip a small eminence. .

And one more addition. If for any reasons our design at a house wall any more is not required for games, it is possible to plant here wild grapes which will twist, after a while, gate. Thus, the shady corner protected from the sun where in warm days with pleasure older persons will want to sit will turn out. .