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the Unit of measure - a long-playing record

Small regiments of universal appointment find the widest application, including even as gifts. For the sizes of such small shelf about which we to you will tell in this section, we take a little unusual unit of measure - the sizes of a usual long-playing record, more precisely a plate envelope.

The Standard sizes of such beautiful envelope 31 x З1 sm, however we take for all three variants of shelves 65 x 65 sm, considering differentiating rejki of which it will be a question more low.

As a matter of fact, the long-playing record is a unit of measure in original sense of a word only in the third variant. The shelf corresponding to this variant serves for placing of four, in regular intervals distributed groups of plates. .

Despite the same sizes, the impression is made that the open locker for cosmetics represents a rectangle extended on a vertical, and a locker with seasonings - a rectangle extended across.

The Basic plate in all three cases carries out a role of a back wall. Its thickness should be at least 1,5 it see On all four corners is removed from edge and supplied by apertures which serve later for fastening to a wall on in advance fixed in it shchkantah. .

We Will begin with manufacturing of a locker for spices (in the bottom drawing on the right). At this variant to a back wall privertyvajutsja screws or nail up along the edges on the right and at the left boards in width of 8-10 sm and in the thickness 1,5-2 see In case of need, intermediate regiments are inserted. For our example we took four shelves which, however, at all should to be symmetric necessarily.

Regiments depart on 1 - 1,5 sm back for bokovinami and incorporate to them screws, nails or shkantami. .

Thin rejki (thickness approximately 1 sm) become stronger on a forward edge as an ornament and for protection of subjects being on regiments, namely on such distance from this or that intermediate shelf to protect from falling the jars established on it with seasonings, without blocking them.

In the second variant (in the bottom drawing at the left) we turn just described design on 90 ° so that bokoviny have appeared above and below. Regiments turn To the vertical racks symmetrized in this case. In case of need, the locker is supplemented short are cross-section

mi regiments. In our example in all back wall the mirror is established. However it is possible to meet and an oval mirror. The lateral vertical racks a bit turned in inside, do a design still "ё=Ёющэхх". .

In the third variant (the top drawing see) we can place very many long-playing records. The basic parts of this design again are the back wall, the top and bottom boards. On each side we attach outside of a board in width approximately 5 sm, into the middle we insert cross-wise boards in width 12X15 see In front pieces of boards in width approximately 8th sm that inserted plates did not drop out are attached. In the middle the safety plate is slightly wider. .

According to the various purposes of appointment, colour of our designs also will be various. For plates it will be possible to paint a frame any neutral colour as envelopes of plates will bring certain colour scale. Regiments with seasonings should merge on colour that is in kitchen, therefore more often them paint in white colour or cover with a colourless varnish to allocate the tree invoice. Besides, it is possible to burn out on them any patterns. The similar image makes out a locker for cosmetics, or the paint which in a bathroom is main undertakes.