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Trifles in a bathroom

In a bathroom often there are problems with linen drying. We usually wish to place as much as possible linen, having taken thus a few places, and thus all to hang out so that water could flow down without hindrances. As a matter of fact, for this purpose there is only one suitable place, namely a place over a bathroom.

The Device for linen drying to make very simply. According to vnutrennoj in the length of a bathroom we take two thick rejki or two thick round sticks and we will drill from both ends of an aperture or we will make deep notches. We will connect both rejki strong cords, and the distance between rejkami depends on premise height. On both rejkah cuts a saw that hung up then on them a coat hanger did not slide off become from above. Cords are knotted from above or become attached to strong rings. Then they can be suspended easily to a ceiling for special krjuchja, screwed in preliminary fixed in a ceiling shkanty. Instead of reek it is possible to use also sticks available on sale for garden tools. .

Thus it is necessary to pay attention, that the material was without knots as loading from wet linen arises big enough. Round a bath it is possible to make many useful devices and prisposoblenny. Our first offer in this connection provides the equipment about cranes of a bath of an original partition which protects a floor and walls from splashes. The sizes of this partition depend on premise conditions. It consists of a wooden framework for which of 2 sm and 6 sm lapped on corners are used width rejki in the thickness. For connection each time is used glue cold otverzhdenija as it has water-repellent properties. The framework is fitted by a film from outside baths or the bag from a film into which the framework is inserted becomes. .

Our partition is attached to a wall with the help sharnirnyh loops and so that when it is not necessary, it could be removed to a wall. In this position it is fixed at a wall by means of hooks. If there is no place to remove a partition to a wall, it is necessary to put such loops that it was possible to remove from them a partition, as a door. .

The Following offer. In some bathrooms, in a headboard or a foot part of a bath, between a bathroom and a wall there is some space. In this space it is quite possible to arrange a bedside table, identical height from a bathroom as it is specified in drawing (below on the right). The bedside table is knocked together like a box, thus it is recommended to provide in it a vertical compartment in which it would be possible to hold, for example, a bucket. That this bedside table, in case of need, could be moved easily, to it it is necessary to attach rollers from below. All design should be very strong. From above screws attach a cover from boards in the thickness approximately g sm on which small children can sit, for example. .

It is possible to store various toilet accessories In a bedside table. In addition To a bedside table or instead of it it is possible to equip on a bath a lattice - a flooring (in the middle nuzhnego drawing). This lattice, as a rule, consists of two cross-section boards, Strongly soedinenyh with the boards put over them. It is thus considered that The lattice should be kept at bath edges. This simple design at the corresponding Durability is found by the most different application: on it it is possible to sit, on it it is possible To put a basin with linen etc. All pieces of furniture intended for a bathroom, Follows preliminary proolifit, and then to cover with a water-repellent paint Or a varnish. .