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the Small room in the big premise

that one big premise can be simultaneously a bedroom, a study and a living room, for many is not any opening. But that all it can take places in one premise, occupying its separate parts, meets much less often. Our recommendation considers such case. Thus we take a room in width approximately 4-4,5 m and length 4-5 m.

As a basic variant of the equipment in a room of zones for work and a dream it is quite possible to use the system of designs presented in the top drawing. The concrete decision should correspond to concrete conditions of a room. On the area approximately 180 h 190 sm (it is defined by growth of the one who then will use it) are provided the equipment of a zone for a dream, accordingly for rest. For the best use of an available premise it is chosen for spacious bed a place stretched to the bottom edge of a balcony window (it quite can appear there). Advantage of such design consists that the space under it can be used for placing of the most various subjects. .

The impression is at first sight made that such construction will demand enough the big material expenses. Certainly, some money should be spent, but this variant has two advantages. Here it is possible to use the diversified material from old, not so not used furniture and a waste from other joiner's works. Besides, after manufacturing of the basic construction (a place for a dream and the main frame), it is possible to complete a design gradually, during long time, attaching to it separate details. In the scheme of a construction of a place for a dream it is precisely shown, how connection of separate parts is carried out. Special attention it is necessary to give durabilities of a design. .

Between vertical support (except those places where then drawers will be established) pieces of a frame of the identical thickness, designs providing necessary durability are inserted. The vertical parts which are at a wall, strongly incorporate to it probes or shkantami, others incorporate to a floor probes or squares. As the basis (frame) the strong material (here is better to use a material from well remained furniture) is used. Three external squares of a frame (drawing below at the left see) are closed tightly, the fourth, being in a corner, is closed by a leaning back cover so that the space which is under this cover, it is possible to use for storage of suitcases and other subjects which you require not so often. As a soft substrate of a bed are used porolonovye mattresses or pillows. .

Round the bed basis the external frame which principle of a design is shown in the main drawing is equipped. The bedside table which cross-beams serve for placing of books and on which there is strongly established table-top here concerns. To drawers rollers (drawing below on the right see) from below are attached. .

In our case such three boxes are provided. The box represented in drawing It is in front equipped as a bedside table, and in back branch (at the corresponding height) It is possible to hang up jackets, blouses and similar subjects of clothes. The parts executed In the form of boxes, it is possible to use for table linen storage. Here will be There is enough place and for footwear placing, certainly, in boxes. And who will want To put the family archive for one of small bedside tables, will find enough Places and for this purpose. It is important only, what all constructions under the basic frame of a bed Were strong. .

To a ceiling on shkantah privertyvaetsja screws rejka which is in front closed by a peak, and from below (as in our case) - thick decorative rejkoj.