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Furniture the hands
As it becomes
we Will bring a cosiness in old walls
Individual registration of typical apartment
It not for children!
In a court yard of the house and on a summer residence
That it is necessary to know about a material
the Small house workshop
the Main thing - the nobility how to do
Joiner's connections on shkantah and thorns
Dolblenie and procutting of eyes
Connection of details of wood by nails
That it is possible to make of a grandmother's case?
Processing of a tree by fire
Pasting of chairs
Five variants of use of frameworks
the Equipment of a garret room
Narrowness - to convenience not a hindrance
As inconvenience to transform into convenience
the Workplace in ` the Mirror hall `
Convenient space under a window
the Study in the former pantry
the New kind of old kitchen
the Small dining room in a kitchen corner
Collections in a hall
Side scenes happen not only at theatre
Trees in a hall
Individuality of a bathroom
When the ceiling is too high
` the Second floor ` in a high room
How to make a room is wider
Placing of house electronics
the Living room and a bedroom along a wall
When the grandson
Decorative partitions
When under a ladder it is a lot of place
How to equip a mezzanine
Doors - reliable protection
the Door, as a piece of furniture
the Frame for a grandmother's couch
When splinters bring pleasure
Benches, backs and fixtures
the Sliding table
Designs from reek and plates
When the bench becomes a case
When the useless corner becomes useful
the Cosy islet in the big room
When the case becomes a decorative screen
the Vestibule to own taste
` the Zebra ` in a hall
the Table for all
the Desk - it is convenient and fashionable
the Folding table - simplicity and convenience
the New secretary from old wood
the Screen in an everyday life
universal purpose Lockers
the Constant place for the sewing machine
the Case with the lifted... "чрсЁрыюь"
When phone
When a wood waste decorates apartment
Useful trifles
Family telegraph
the Pocket mirror in a simple framework
When feet
Trifles in a bathroom
the Bathroom too can be cosy
Old councils do not grow old
Section furniture in a long corridor
When the useless space becomes useful
When the long corridor becomes shorter
the Workshop in a corridor
Division does not mean separation
Successful addition to a furniture wall
the Cosy corner for the sewing machine
the Place for the visitor always will be
the Furniture wall below human growth
Regiments on rollers
When children
Nish for a family meeting
the Section case in a sleeping room
the Desktop in a bedroom
Self-made regiments in standard kitchen
Kladovka on wheels
the bathroom Equipment
Regiments at the central heating battery
it is a lot of place in a small premise
Flower beds in a living room
the Balcony-room in the open air
In the beginning a cradle, then a bed
the Order in a children's room
the Runway - on a room wall
the Doll small house ` on vyrost `
the Room... Under a bed
the Night express train
the Bed for the preschool child in a small room
Romanticism in a children's room
the Place for study and games
` Own corner ` for fifteen-year
the Desktop for a two
Prikrovatnye of a bedside table
Racks for all tastes
it is simple, reliable and it is practical
As it should be and near at hand
For collectors
the Unit of measure - a long-playing record
the Small room in the big premise
to use and then
Box furniture in a room for a newly-married couple
the Zone of rest at your house
the Platform for the smallest
the Horse-rocking chair can be grazed on a grass
the Universal football ground
the Platform for youth
Preparation of products for the winter
Plants and flowers in a class
the Hanger for 2nd ` And `
the shed Equipment on a garden site
the Rocking-chair in a garden
input Registration on a garden site
Compound boxes for the different purposes
Linen on a swing
Decorative partitions on a garden site
the Card from reek
the wood Rests create conveniences
Shutters on summer residence windows
Air and light without mosquitoes
Four live in the country
a universal purpose Wall in a country room
the Cosy verandah
the Sun-protection canopy on a green carpet
the Holiday in a garden
` Mirror ` a vestibule