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Tables concern kinds of furniture which find various, "ьэюуючхыхтюх" application. The special category is made by desktops. That there was enough place for studies, plotting and placing, various things, it is better, if the table is a bit longer usual though and it is a little already. Who will not want to have suddenly so much place, what even the spread out things can be left next day? We bring to your attention three variants of tables which can be made the hands. The first (the top drawing see) basically corresponds to the classical form of a table, has four, the legs located on corners connected two long and two short tsargami and from above covered table-top. .

To table legs are applied bruski 6 x 8 sm, and for tsarg – boards in the thickness of 2 sm and 12 x 14 see width (As incorporate tsargi to table legs, it was already told on pages of our book). We will in addition insert (depending on length of a table) between tsargami one - two pieces of a board which are attached shkantami or are nailed up outside, accordingly privertyvajutsja by screws. In this case it is necessary to drown nails and screws, and the formed apertures to putty putty for wood. For bolshej stability it is necessary to insert cross-beams from the narrow party of a table in the bottom of legs. The table-top from below from within incorporates with tsargami probes and holders. It almost completely coincides with external edges of legs of a table. As a material for a table-top it is possible to use dverki or lateral walls of an old case. .

It is possible to put the Wooden box of a card file on a table or to screw screws on a table-top. Then it will carry out a role of a drawer and simultaneously can support the books put on a table. The simple shelf from three pieces of a board over a table finishes this working corner. The second variant of a table is a table from boards. Drawings (in the middle at the left and on the right) explain a design being. We make for this purpose a frame of boards in width of 12-15 sm and thickness of 2 sm which we knock together nails. Table legs from this a material also are attached outside by screws. Over heads of screws it suggested to beat furniture caps as an original decorative element. .

On the sizes of a table-top depends, how many connecting elements it is necessary to place between long lateral boards. If distances small, it is enough to place one firm wood-fiber plate as a covering. In other cases it is possible to apply various materials. The table-top remains equal, thanks to a frame. Such table is rather easy and looks very modern. The third variant of a table are workplaces for two people in a close premise (drawing below at the left see). For this purpose two table-tops which fasten rojalnymi loops with strongly connected to a wall rejkami are necessary to us. When table-tops are not used, they rise to walls and are fixed on them by reliable latches. It is possible to paste over the bottom part of table-tops with the most various things, beginning from instructions and finishing any sets of pictures, photos and. Etc. .

As an average support we use a bedside table which costs on rollers. This bedside table should be enough steady and strong, and its width should correspond to width of a table-top approximately. To give to a bedside table special stability, instead of a back wall it is possible to insert an intermediate wall in the thickness a minimum 1,5-2 the bedside table see However, in this case should have such depth that on either side of an intermediate wall it was possible to put books. The general depth should be in this case, approximately, 40 see .