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Regiments on rollers

Regiments were always used for the most various purposes (a cellar to an attic), and for a long time already their various forms have strongly located and in all premises of apartment. Usually the construction having regiments, whether it be a rack, or a section case, is established along a wall or departs from a wall and is put across it. However why not to make such section case in the form of a tower? After all such piece of furniture can be placed in any place of a premise. It is possible to make of it and an original partition and if to supply with its rollers, it will get at once mobility, and it can be turned somehow to get access to all its parties. It is an ideal piece of furniture first of all for those people who like to reconstruct an interior often; after all hardly it is possible to find something from furniture that it would be easier to move from place to place, than this tower.

Main principle of a construction of this design is durability as movement on rollers occurs at a total load of shelves. It is desirable, if there is a possibility, to apply as a material the sustained wood from different parts of old furniture, and various regiments can have and absolutely various thickness. Not less than 2 sm are applied here and drevesnostruzhechnye plates in the thickness. .

The Sizes which we will result more low, are, certainly only rough and can vary somehow. The design presented in drawing with open regiments has height 170 the Form of separate shelves - square see and should not exceed 70 x 70 Division of shelves, as is shown in the top drawing on the right, dissymetric see. .

Changing in appropriate way an arrangement of bearing walls or in addition inserting small partitions, it is possible to change this basic structure. In any case important so to arrange bearing walls that the design was rigid and steady. In drawing (below at the left) it is represented, as our case gathers. First of all with conformity with the set sizes separate parts are cut out. In our case we deal with two bearing parties, and one corresponds to full width of the basic project of a case, and another occupies only two thirds. If we apply a material of a various thickness to shelves, we should to take certainly for the bottom shelves thicker plates. .

To insert separate parts each other, in a thickness of a material inserts (as a rule only vpoldereva - on half of width of an element of a design) become. After zapilivanija wood slices are hollowed out from both parties by a chisel. All parts strongly incorporate glue cold otverzhdenija, and all of them should enter densely each other. Even more to increase a support, on planes where the narrow wall encounters on wide, additional connection with the help wooden shkantov is made or through a wide wall into an edge of a narrow wall are entered a screw.

All edges are slightly filled up and acting corners of shelves are brief a little. For placing of rollers it is necessary to paste or tighten screws under the bottom shelf bruski a corresponding thickness. Rollers should act under a case so that it could move smoothly. It is recommended to glue thick strips of felt that at the big loading of a case the floor has not suffered under the bottom edges of walls. .

Such case can take away certainly in a room and a constant place. Then necessity for rollers accordingly disappears. Instead it is recommended to glue a socle in height approximately 8-10 the bearing parties see However should reach a floor that all loading received a reliable support. If the socle is not established with a small ledge forward, it is necessary to connect it to a case with the help has drunk. .