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Regiments at the central heating battery

In some years weather did not indulge us in the warm days. The central heating battery cared of ours health and good state of health then instead of the sun. Therefore by itself the question arises: how to place to us the battery that it was in the best way entered in a room overall picture. To place in this case, certainly, does not mean that we will move the battery anywhere to choose for it the best place. Our battery, as a rule, is established on the certain, constant place, and we should think equipping near to it or over it something approaching that with one party it will be good to look, and on the other hand will give additional possibilities to place different subjects.

We Take the usual battery of steam heating. Pig-iron sections, as a rule, a room ornament are not. Needless to say that our recommendation to some extent can extend on all kinds of batteries.

Before we will pass to scheduling of works and direct designing, it is necessary to familiarise with instructions of fire-prevention safety attentively. The most important thing that the distances established by the instruction between batteries and furniture were without fail observed. Therefore for distance definition between batteries and furniture it is impossible to use simply scale of drawings, always it is necessary to be guided only by the distances specified in instructions. Our bottom drawings offer two variants of shelves which can be established or strongly connected to a wall on either side of the batteries located approximately at height of tables. Make such regiments any beginning house master can. Originality of appearance of both shelves is reached by original division of bearing vertical parts and various intervals on height between separate regiments. .

Regiments make of 15-20 sm connected among themselves with the help shkantov or screws of the boards in width. The parties turned to batteries, in our example are connected so that there was enough place for circulation of warm air and between shelves. In these parts it is possible to place subjects or plants for which such temperature is necessary or to which it to a smaller measure does not cause any harm. .

Vertical parts at all kinds of shelves should be inserted so that completely to carry out bearing and basic functions and simultaneously to maintain corresponding loadings. In the top drawing one of variants of a design round the big batteries of a central heating with which help the empty space of a wall simultaneously is in the best way filled is shown. If (as in the top drawing) regiments take places over batteries, it is necessary to watch that rising warm air could leave upward. .

In our example it occurs in the middle at the left. Therefore on a lateral shelf We can put a plant demanding many heat. The left group of shelves strongly Incorporates to a doorframe, besides the length of shelves is various. The regiments located On the right in a corner, keep within on probes, preliminary vgipsovannye a wall, and privertyvajutsja from below screws. Certainly round such batteries it is possible to build and Continuous design. However thus it is necessary to observe big enough Distance between batteries and regiments. .

Batteries and regiments always should be painted intensive, bright paints, contrast in relation to colour of a wall. It is possible to take the examples resulted by us quite for a basis at original registration of walls by regiments without reorganisation of batteries., recovering a premise the combination of various designs which have been resulted in the given section can be very interesting. .