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"-=юЁющ І=рц" in a high room

Concept "ё=рЁ№щ фюь" concerns many houses which have appeared at the beginning of the century. Especially it is a lot of them in cities. The height of premises - 360 sm is not a rarity in such houses. Probably, such high premises are pleasant to someone, about tastes, as they say, do not argue, however the majority living in such apartments, with fear think of repair. Besides they once again should be convinced that the modern furniture which is let out by the industry, is too small for dimensions of such rooms. Why in that case not to try the inconvenience connected with too big height of premises, to transform into convenience?

Our offer is reduced to that from one room to make one and a half. It can be made by means of gallery which will make horizontal division of the big and high room, having entered into it the second inhabited floor. It is possible to make so that it looked is quite modern and at the same time as it is shown in our drawing, brought in all conditions of a room a certain nostalgic note. Thus the basic design remains without changes. .

We recognise that both "І=рцр" receive enough of light from an available window. The height of a ceiling of the bottom premise makes in this case a minimum 190 see In the top part it is necessary to be content with the rest of height of a room. Thus to move on the top floor it is necessary, obviously, having slightly bent. Therefore top rooms are better for using as a place for reading or rest. There it is possible to settle down quite conveniently on mattresses or self-made banketkah from polyfoam. Having shifted all it together, it is possible to use the top part of a room as a bedroom. .

The Basic design of this gallery consists of thick beams which (as it is represented on the scheme below at the left where the top view is presented) are based upon thick basic beams. The last are strongly connected to a wall bricklaying, according to a floor. It is expedient to use them as a part of the racks represented in the top drawing. .

Before beginning premise re-equipment, it is necessary to have the expert opinion concerning bearing ability of a floor of a room and its suitability for an aforementioned construction. It is necessary to secure with the help of the expert which during works would watch correctness of their performance, especially behind reliability of connection of beams and, in case of need, itself it was connected to realisation of the most difficult operations.

Racks are under construction so that to seem from below upwards continuous, passing through both "І=рцр" and that them bokoviny on which the basic loading is necessary, precisely coincided, as though being continuation each other. The floor becomes covered shpuntovannymi by boards. Overlapping beams, depending on individual taste, establish so that them it is visible from below, or revet.

The Handrail and a protection can be made from simple reek or be cut from boards if we wish to give to protection elements the figured form (as it is represented in the top drawing). .

The ladder Design is presented on the drawing below on the right. Thus the special attention should be given bearing ability of a design. It is possible to make decorative spheres of legs of old cases for a ladder that will give it additional originality. Follows, as usually, to think and of use possibility in our design still a suitable material to the use of old furniture or wooden constructions.

As the variant of re-equipment offered by us will demand a lot of a building material, all should be well planned and in advance prepared. Special attention as usually, it is given to the most serious works, in particular connections of details from wood. Then yours "фтющэр  ъюьэр=р" will deliver you pleasure many long years. .