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the Screen in an everyday life

the impression is made that the screen in the middle of a room has definitively got out of fashion. Screens can be seen unless in films or performances. And nevertheless screens can be used in our everyday life. They allow to partition off something or something to close.

Our first recommendation concerns screens with which help it is possible to equip a convenient workplace. Two workplaces in the narrow children's room, equipped sideways to a window, give the chance to children to be engaged, without distracting. For this purpose between tables put a partition of such height that children though can, standing, to look over it, sitting, each other do not see. And that children during employment are completely separated from each other, is promoted by a partition which below, going down under tables, reaches a floor.

As a rule, we strongly connect such combination. Certainly it is possible to connect it and so that then quickly to separate on components. A partition moleno to make of an old material available for you; thus the weight can have any value only in the event that we make a combination only for short time. .

If we construct a partition from a new material, it is recommended to make a frame from reek (thickness 2см and width 6th sm), lapped among themselves the ends. In connection with the big sizes of constructions (and they are defined by width of used desks) it is found out that is necessary to provide cross-section rigid fastening, especially if we (as it is specified in drawing) wish to equip on partitions also small shelves. We carefully sheathe a frame from both parties firm wood-fiber plates (TDVP). .

We make Small shelves from hammered together by nails at right angle slices of boards in width 12-15 the Arrangement of shelves see should be carried out so that they received a support from cross-section connections which fasten the screws which are screwed in on the other hand of a partition and passing it through.

As regiments are not one opposite to another, it is possible to hang up on the heads of screws which are on the other hand, a block calendar, it is possible to attach a board for records or the device for pencils etc. Through certain intervals small hooks on which the most different things are hung up are screwed in. The lamps providing necessary light above fasten. .

That the partition had a strong support and under a table-top, as legs (apparently from drawing) are used basic bruski.

One more variant of use of a screen is presented in drawing below. It is possible to use it in a room, having put before a cot for protection against light and noise. It Is useful and in a garden for a while to fence off a place where someone can sit and read or close bathing pool. .

For this purpose we construct frames in height approximately 180 sm which on the one hand are upholstered with any material with stuffing. As a material mats or straw bast mats, marquisette, a sacking (it by the way can be painted very in an original way) or even a cardboard with which it is possible besides to paste over with wall-paper can be used. With the help shtekernyh frame hinges form a screen.

For use in the open air below two long probes which are stuck in the earth are attached to each frame. By means of pegs for tent fastening (as it is specified in the right drawing) the screen is established so strongly that it will be not not blown off by any wind. .