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the Room... Under a bed

parents always had a problem: how to equip to the growing up child its own place in apartment and to make it on the minimum area. We hope that the variant offered by us will serve as stimulus for those who wants that the unique bed could connect all. Differently our project provides creation of a separate children's room in any premise on the area 2 h 1 m. the Major principle of all of that will be constructed on the basis of our drawing, there should be a durability, therefore all basic elements should be made from especially thick reek (a minimum 6x8 sm). Reliability and safety for all who will use this design, should be a basis of all its variants which, quite probably, it will want to add and improve still.

The construction Height is defined, how experts, in premise height in light and on growth of the one who will use this construction speak. However the bed should not be above 160 see Needless to say that the space which is under a bed, it is impossible to use, having risen in all growth. In this "ъюьэр=х under ъЁютр=і¦" it is possible to sit only at a table or to understand on regiments from an opposite side. .

Now we pass directly to design manufacturing. At the above-named sizes it is required to us six bearing reek which we should connect strongly to bed lateral faces (height bokovin approximately 20см). Connection is carried out by means of screws, accordingly shkantov and squares as a substrate. In bed feet, on basic vertical rejkah, the board in height approximately 40 sm (width of a bed according to 90 sm) takes places. In a headboard, in all height of a bed, privertyvaetsja screws a firm wood-fiber plate (TDVP), planted on pins on rejki in the thickness of 2 sm and width 6-8 sm, and rejki are connected among themselves in the form of a frame. From above rejki are closed by a board, and under it the box is established. Thus we have a place where it is possible to put the book which the child will want to esteem in a bed. In a box it is possible to place a cap, gloves and a scarf, Under a box the child has still a wardrobe wall where it is possible to hang up subjects of clothes which are necessary to it during the day, and also a school satchel or a portfolio. .

The Vertical parts of a bed turned to, a room wall, it is recommended to connect to a wall probes so that absolute stability has been provided. One more is in front established additional vertical rejka between the bed end from outside feet and average basic rejkoj, and between trailer rejkami are inserted by means of cross-beam thorns therefore the ladder on which it is possible to rise on a bed turns out. Above basic rejki incorporate horizontal rejkoj the same thickness (the top drawing) so see that lengthways bolshej parts of length of a bed the original protection is formed. .

The Ladder in the part simultaneously is a leg of the table inserted under a bed. The part of a table turned to a wall of a room, is supplied with a special leg, or to a wall fastens thick rejka which serves as a support for a table-top. .

Between a ladder and an average support the mobile plate which, leaning back is built in, leans against a frame leaning back together with it - a support. When a plate, leaning back, becomes a table-top, we receive an additional table for games or work. If its bottom part in appropriate way to paint over, in its lifted position it is quite possible to use as a slate board - to draw and write on it. A box under a bed headboard (it can be used and as a support under an aquarium) finishes along with a low armchair or a chair all design. .

The bed Bed from below is upholstered with plastic so that in "яюфъЁютр=эющ ъюьэр=х" the smooth ceiling turns out.

On the scheme the plan of our design is represented. If to receive the greatest durability of a design, not to cut the parts of legs turned to a wall of a room (for plinth preservation), it is necessary to tighten from above to a rack screws or to nail up bruski which thickness corresponds to width of a plinth.