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Romanticism in a children's room

in the Afternoon - the pupil of the fourth class, and in the evening - the seaman. Who does not dream of it? And, maybe, we will really try to bring in a children's room a little the sea romanticism. Cots on which get not differently as on a rope ladder, boxes where as handles scraps of ship tackles serve, and whether a little that else our rich imagination will prompt to us concern obligatory attributes of romanticism of the sea, for example.

Cots by the ship are built in a cabin wall. We will do precisely by the same principle. Having divided a premise a board partition, we will receive a certain similarity of a wall case (the top drawing see). The strong frame design from outside beds is sheathed by plywood or a firm wood-fiber plate (TDVP). The back wall and one lateral wall are formed by room walls to which corresponding parts of a design strongly incorporate on plastic shkantah, preliminary fixed in a wall. In the top part of a design doors are equipped, from below it is enough to hang up a curtain. The design has unusually deep depth for a case, approximately 90 sm as it is necessary to consider width of beds. .

Now we pass to cots between a wall where there is a window, and a case wall. The place should be used exclusively rationally. Therefore under two beds we will place four boxes for toys or other things. .

In the beginning we will be engaged in beds. They become as two-storeyed cots. A support for a headboard and a foot part provide a wall on which there is a window, and, the wall of our wall case turned towards beds. Bokoviny, accordingly the headboard and a foot part of beds, consist of boards in the thickness of 2 sm and in the width go the Headboard and bokovina turned to a wall, incorporates to it screws through in advance fixed in a wall wooden or plastic shkanty, a foot part privertyvaetsja to a wall of a case screws see. (Bokoviny of beds preliminary upholster, bearing rejkami, intended for floor boards). Under a headboard and a foot part for additional safety are fixed in all width of beds thick rejki (5X3 sm in a diameter). The lobby bokovina is adjusted in front to a headboard and a foot part of a bed (as a peak) and fastened to them from within squares which (on two from each party) it is strong privertyvajutsja screws. .

Then of 1,5 sm as the bases and basic surfaces for continuous porolonovyh mattresses are adjusted for both beds of a board in the thickness.

The Distance between a floor and the bottom edge of the first cot - 40 see It precisely corresponds to height which is necessary to us for drawers. These drawers incorporate from different directions on thorns. A bottom of boxes from plywood or TDVP. Height of each box - approximately 34 sm as it is necessary to provide and the rollers located under it. The peak which completely closes space between the bottom edge of a bed and a floor is in front pasted. For put forward boxes we will make five frames, filling intervals between boxes and simultaneously being a support for peaks. These frames strongly incorporate to the bottom bed and a floor, accordingly with a wall and a case wall, by means of screws. .

In the bottom drawings it is represented, as the double safety device in a headboard looks, accordingly in a foot part of the top bed, the device of drawers (a side view of a design of a box and the top view), and also a shelf profile under a ceiling is shown.

For completeness of our sea atmosphere we equip a rope ladder which is fixed on the strong hook fixed into a ceiling. This ladder can be made and most of the linen cord braided twice into which as steps round beechen sticks approximately 3 are inserted in the thickness see .