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Processing of a tree by fire

Many wooden subjects of a folk art are decorated by the patterns executed by a burning out. In such a way by means of fire it is possible to put patterns on furniture, on boards, on wooden utensils. In general subjects with burnt patterns can be made for the most different purposes. Certainly, these products the same as also pots are burnt not by gods, and it is necessary to work much (whenever possible, without burning fingers) to achieve certain skill in this area.

For a burning out of patterns it is possible to use the most different tools. The most known is, possibly, a soldering iron. On sale there is a whole set of the soldering irons working from an electric network. With their help, certainly, having got the hand, it is possible to burn out easily on a tree various patterns. It is possible to work and a simple soldering iron, preliminary having heated it on fire of a gas torch or other open fire. Such soldering irons usually have the form of a small hammer, therefore a forward plane it is possible to burn out a square, a lateral plane - a rectangle, and the pointed party to put small strokes. For a burning out it is possible to use and metal knitting spokes of a various thickness. These spokes also heat up on an open flame or on furnace fire, and then them take nippers, and it is even better flat-nose pliers and burn out a demanded pattern. .

Certainly, it is possible to heat up on fire and other, diversified metal subjects and to use them as original stamps for a burning out, for example, half of buckle from a belt or something similar. For this purpose it is possible to use and hats of the big nails. However they need to be prepared in a special way. For example, the hat can be ground a file, having formed it of a five-pointed star or a triangle. If besides at us nails with hats of various size, we can make various combinations of patterns by means of such stamps. .

So by means of metal rings it is possible to put round patterns. Are for this purpose used metal podkladnye rings of the various conducted - ranks in a combination to the corresponding holder. The one who often applies this technics of a burning out, after a while already has the whole collection of such templates. And, as they say, it takes an old hand to do a good job. Certainly, for this purpose it is necessary to have a few patience and, certainly, not to forget that with fire it is necessary to work always cautiously. Before beginning work, it is necessary to make a number of preparations under safety precautions. Inflammable subjects, except wood processed at present, it is necessary to clean far away from a workplace. .

The Burning out should be made on a strong steady substrate. For this purpose it is recommended to cover a place of direct work with tin sheet. It is possible to use an underside of sheet or protivnja on which we usually bake pies and cakes in our electric or a gas cooker. Needless to say that just in case near at hand there should be means for fire extinguishing. Besides it is necessary to provide corresponding airing as at a burning out there is a smoke and fumes, and hardly will be wishing to finish the creation tears. Therefore the most suitable premise for a burning out on a tree if work is made at home, is the kitchen, and in it, whenever possible, a place under a window. .

We preliminary put Desirable patterns a soft pencil, and thus; that later if as a result of a burning out traces from a pencil do not disappear, they could be erased lastikom. It is necessary to pay attention and to that the tree on which we burn out patterns, was, whenever possible, without pitch. The soft tree gives in to processing, than dense is easier. In our drawings it is given it is a little exemplary patterns and it is shown, how they can be burnt out. In drawing at the left - some subjects with put on them, successful, in our opinion, patterns. .