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Prikrovatnye of a bedside table

Our first recommendation of the next section is sustained in the standard sizes (180 x 90 sm) a bed at which both backs are executed in the form of bedside tables (see the bottom drawing).

For both backs, bokovin and accessories, and also a spring skeleton it is possible to use parts of a skeleton (frame) of an old bed. The back which is in feet, will be converted in a bedside table. For this purpose lateral boards in width of 25-30 sm are necessary to us and in the thickness a minimum of 2 sm which incorporate to the necessary number of the shelves acting forward on 5-8 see Connection is carried out with the help shkantov.

The Bedside table in a headboard consists of two parts, the closed part for storage of bed-clothes and one open part. The frame from reek a minimum 3 h 3 is for this purpose constructed see Top rejka because of a cut site for a folding cover should have width a minimum 5 This frame see has three vertical parts, and also one bottom and one top cross-beams. The bedside table having width, approximately, of 40 sm, incorporates then to a headboard back. Cross-section connection is carried out rejkami, approximately, the same section, as for a frame. The bedside table frame incorporates shkantami, and in case of need also nails or screws. From below on all length the minimum 1 keeps within and nailed up polik in the thickness see Then lateral and back walls of the closed bedside table, and also an intermediate wall are sheathed TDVP or drevesnostruzhechnymi by plates (DSP). For an intermediate shelf and an open part privertyvaetsja screws basic rejka. The top plate is divided. One party strongly privertyvaetsja or is nailed up by screws, another is used, as a cover of the closed part, and fastens with the help rojalnoj loops. The second variant represented in the top drawing, provides use of shelves for rational and beautiful registration of a wall which has a bed. .

Boards in width, approximately, 20 sm (or a material from old furniture), incorporate among themselves, forming regiments of the various form. Thus regiments, accordingly cross-beams, are always inserted between external parts. Back walls from TDVP are nailed up. The shelf (in the top drawing at the left) is opened from above that it was possible to place conveniently even the big books. .

The Third variant represented in average drawing, provides manufacturing of a bedside table with the big drawer. In schematic drawing (in the middle on the right) the main principle of manufacturing of a bedside table is shown. First of all two vertical frames are necessary. Applied for this purpose rejki should have a thickness, approximately, 2 sm and width 6-8 the frame Turned to a wall see the forward frame - from two vertical racks and two cross-beams is made of two vertical racks and three cross-beams. In the bottom part the cross-beam, is not inserted, as the box there is moved. Frames incorporate to the help wooden shkantov. The top frame also consists of two long and three short parts and after manufacturing privertyvaetsja to basic frames. .

As support below and in the middle (where the average shelf keeps within) are inserted rejki. From outside beds the bedside table is sheathed thin TDVP. The bedside table and in a bed headboard is in the same way sheathed. As an intermediate shelf we take wooden rejku in the thickness 1,5 see (For it, and also for a drawer, it is necessary to use, whenever possible, a material from old furniture). .

The Drawer is made of boards in the thickness, approximately, 2см, and the height of its walls should correspond to an aperture where the box, a minus the sizes of the rollers located under it is moved. In front the box is closed by a board which corresponds to the general sizes of an aperture plus at the left, on the right and from above on 1-2 sm that the box when it move, rested against a bedside table frame. .