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Preparation of products for the winter

every autumn for a small food warehouse in a cellar of your house the new season begins. Therefore it is necessary to think over in the summer what necessary additions or corrections should be made.

Examples which are resulted in the given section, concern first of all cellars in old houses. However it is possible to equip some variants of one of designs brought to your attention and in a small cellar of the new house or in a closet.

In our drawing two parts of a case which can be any width are represented. Double vertical walls between two branches as they from each party are supplied bearing rejkami for shelves, both on right, and on a left-hand side are not necessary to wider case. (Case division into two parts in our drawing is made for the best review of products being at them.) .

The Height of equipped cases depends, of course, on height of your cellar or a closet. The above cases, the more strongly and should be thicker vertical parts. The distance between two bearing elements should be no more than 90-100 bottom boards, according to possible loadings see In this case, should have a thickness approximately 2см. .

It is necessary to apply To the cellar equipment, whenever possible, a waste of wood and old, still well remained material of furniture not used more. Now we will pass to a part of a case with the box built in below for a potato (drawing at the upper left see).

For vertical parts rejki or boards (having a thickness of roofing laths), incorporate across bearing rejkami. The regiments inserted through certain intervals strongly incorporate with formed as a result of it bokovinami by means of nails or screws. The scheme (in our drawing below at the left) shows an arrangement of the potato box containing approximately two centners of a potato in section. It is necessary to consider a corresponding inclination of a bottom of a box thanks to what the potato is poured in a direction from a back wall forward, in a tray. Besides, it is important, that bearing rejki a bottom had corresponding durability to maintain loadings having on them. Bottom boards cannot be beaten across, differently the potato jams. That it was not, the direction of boards should be in parallel potato movement (from above - downwards). .

The Shelf located over a box with a potato on which banks or something another take places, should be simply laid, that before zasypkoj its potato it was possible to take out easily.

The case Part serves for placing of vessels of the various sizes, bottles which hold standing and lying, and also for storage of fruit for the winter. For trellised shelves on which fruit takes places, as a material old boxes from under fruit are used. Regiments for fruit it is easy to arrange naklonno. (The Scheme on the right below shows, by what principle they are inserted into a case.) it is important to place in front rejku in the form of a side that fruit did not drop out of a box. .

As is better to place bottles, also it is shown on the scheme (on the right below). It is possible to put bottles and in two ranks, one for another. Needless to say, it is possible what to put or put only densely closed bottles. The easy inclination does not allow to bottles to drop out. If branch for bottles to divide rejkami or thin walls, bottles do not lie, anyhow. .

Our construction helps us to place with a pantry in the autumn all our stocks of vitamins for forthcoming winter and so that all was as it should be, near at hand and was well looked through. In the top, less accessible part of a case the products calculated for the long period of storage take places.