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That it is possible to make of a grandmother's case?

Old furniture of times of a youth of our grandfathers and grandmothers today again in a fashion. She quite often creates original contrast in a modern interior of our apartments. Certainly, such furniture can be put only in the event that it is in a faultless condition. However it is already so spoilt more often that the person without corresponding skills simply not in a condition to repair damaged, veneer and to impose on it a layer of polish or to correct the cracked laths. If we, for example, cannot put an old case of in a room that it in several places has damaged zhuchok-drevotochets, it is necessary to cut out sites of an unsuitable material, and then cautiously to disassemble a case on components and to use them, how much it is possible.

A Case represented in our drawing, it is possible, certainly to meet and in other variants and executions. However furniture old residents of the beginning of the century have basically the same design, as their today's colleagues. In this chapter we give some councils how in the best way to use components of the disassembled case. .

The door Piece can be used first of all as a frame for a picture or a mirror. If we can use all the width long doors, it is necessary to take out cautiously the bottom cross-beam, to truncate lateral, vertical parts of a frame and in appropriate way to cut off them at an angle. Needless to say that we preliminary should take out a panel which we can use in other purposes from doors of a frame. At truncation of long lateral laths it is desirable to remove the built in locks if they are. Thus it is necessary to operate very cautiously that then it was possible to close up these places accurately.

In the leg ground on a lathe from a case it is possible to drill a vertical aperture and to make of it the original desktop fixture. The lamp should be closed a glass cap as usually do in a bathroom. .

It is possible to make low benches Of lateral walls - supports under a player or the tape recorder, and also to use them for a low little table to which table-top as it is represented in drawing below on the right, it it is possible then to glue bruski (also from the rests of lateral walls of a case) to make a design more impressive and strong. Separate details by means of shkantov incorporate. At a choice of a material and its processing it is necessary to watch that surfaces have not been damaged and the veneer structure as for such kind of furniture frequently use veneer of noble breeds of a tree has remained untouched. .

Many cases in the bottom part have big put forward boxes. The accessories and any labels should be removed, and a back wall utolstit by means of a board so that it corresponded to a lobby on a thickness and height. As a result of it at us the box which can be used as a wall shelf will turn out. In drawing (below at the left) it is shown, how it is possible to divide a shelf and, having filled its branches with the most different subjects, to make of it an original wall ornament. It is necessary to paint such shelf in dark juicy tone. .

Except the named parts of a case it is possible to use and other material, for example a back wall with thick connecting laths. It is possible to cut out a support from a door panel for a tray. Thick pieces of wood we can take from bottom (socle) and top (cap) of parts of a case. This material can be used, for example, for manufacturing podstolja a table or a small bench for feet. In old furniture there is a considerable quantity of profile laths of the various sizes, and each time it is necessary to assort very cautiously furniture to use these laths as a material. .