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the Pocket mirror in a simple framework

Since those immemorial times when someone from our ancestors has seen the image in pure water to look in a mirror became our daily habit. It is enough us to look in a mirror and at once it is clear that it is necessary to correct in our clothes and that it is necessary to make that our person became even more attractive. We bring to your attention some variants of this necessary subject helping us to improve the appearance.

First of all a suitcase - the beautician which, certainly, is inconceivable without a mirror. Such suitcase especially approaches for young men.

First, we will make a wooden suitcase in the form of a box, the top and which bottom part are identical on size. The size is defined by possibilities of its placing and that we are going to place in it. Parts of this box can be connected on through thorns, and it is possible to hammer together their nails or to connect screws. If then it is planned to paint a box, better to choose last variants. Hats of nails, accordingly heads of screws should be deep enough are drowned, and the holes formed thus zashpaklevyvajut wood putty. Half of box connect, as is specified in the top drawing, by means of the hinge that it was possible to close a box, as a suitcase. Division of an internal part of a box by vertical and horizontal partitions depends on what boxes and bottles are planned to be put there. It is possible to attach also to a box the latches closed at a resock. .

The Mirror privertyvaetsja behind screws to a frame also is closed by a cardboard. This frame should be movably attached to the top part of a box that when the mirror is not used, or during transportation, it could be cleaned inside. According to thickness of a frame of our mirror the internal equipment needs to be shifted in depth; the top wall of a box should be already. As a support for a mirror the handle for resocks which in this connection should be fixed serves. The principle of a safety device for the closed small suitcase is represented in our drawing (in the centre at the left). As a following variant the mirror in the double framework made from reek with oblique edges is offered. The mirror is located in a groove of the second framework. Both frameworks incorporate among themselves in front screws, and screws are closed from above by metal decorative caps. The mirror can be hung up on a wall or to put it, using the corresponding adaptation (see The bottom drawing). .

The Third variant (the bottom drawing on the right see) basically unites already stated principles of placing of a mirror and can create an interesting decorative element in a youth room. For this purpose it is necessary to make a support in the form of a shelf. It consists of two vertical and two cross-section boards. .

The Thickness of a material should be a minimum 2 see The massivnee this "чхЁърыіэр  яюыър" established on a table, the more effectively it looks. The width of boards should be approximately 15-20 the Vertical parties see are nailed up to horizontal boards or, even better, incorporate shkantami. The distance between horizontal boards should be no more than 10-15 sm; in each specific case it depends on the general sizes of designs. The space between horizontal boards should be closed the leaning back cover leaving in depth approximately on 1 sm on the relation to a forward plane of a design. Behind the board of the same size strongly joins. Both bokoviny from above it is necessary to round off. .

The mirror Framework (a way of manufacturing as in the second case) settles down movably between bokovinami. For this purpose in lateral walls apertures are bored through. Through them the screws which thickness is less than diameter of apertures and which under the form are not conic are entered. For convenience it is necessary to establish on either side of walls podkladnye washers with felt rings. .