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the Platform for youth

Who had not to observe own eyes such picture. When in a court yard good weather, youth from your house sits down on a brick frame of flower beds and hours listens to recorder music. It, naturally, causes the protest from outside the seniors who are afraid for destiny of the colours whom they carefully look after.

Most correctly in this case to sit down all together and to think, what exit can be found from the created position. Acceptance of a variant offered by us can be result of such meeting. In essence it is a question of a construction of the design used for sitting, like benches which can be seen in a sauna.

Our example, keeping the basic idea, it is possible to vary somehow. We proceed here from this that in a court yard, on sufficient removal from buildings (as it will be connected further with certain noise) a little skilful masters, for example, the future masons, can build a wall from two parts at right angle, rising upwards steps as it is specified in drawing, for this purpose it is possible to apply, for example, well remained material from dismantling of the old house. As it is specified in drawing, on separate ledges of a wall boxes with colours are established, accordingly become stronger sitting. All design settles down on the levelled platform. If allows possibility, the internal part of a platform concluded between walls, it is necessary to equip and for dances. .

Benches rigidly and densely incorporate on the basis of a skeleton consisting from reek in the thickness a minimum 4 x 6 the Scheme see (below on the right) demonstrates, as the skeleton frame can be made. It is recommended to connect strongly among themselves by means of thorns of a leg and rejki frames. That the design was steadier against atmospheric influences, it is necessary to use glue cold otverzhdenija. Boards of seats can be various width, however, whenever possible, should have the same thickness. For this purpose it is quite possible to use a waste from joiner's works. On edges these boards are mowed down, that the joints especially appreciable when wood will start to dry up were allocated. In conclusion of a board for seats nail up or privertyvajut screws. Thus nails and screws it is necessary utaplivat not to be wounded about them. All edges should be rounded a plane or a coarse-grained emery paper. .

Flower boxes which at our construction bolshego the size, than usually, we also do of the frame sheathed by outside vertically located boards. As a covering for these boxes we can take also not edging boards. In the bottom of boxes apertures for a water drain are bored through. All parts of wood should be processed drying oil, and after drying it is necessary to paint benches with a corresponding oil paint or a colourless varnish steady from atmospheric influences. .

In our drawing (below at the left) for all design the covering is provided. For this purpose as a support the old rack for vybivanija on the one hand is used Carpets at which it is removed bottom cross-section rasporka, and on the other hand - racks For tent installation. The covering becomes from the panels connected on buttons Tents, a canvas or marquisette. Thanks to such roof, gathered under it not Feel during the period between spring and in the autumn in a complete dependence from favour The nature. .

For a permanent care of a platform and for the organised change of programs it is necessary to base "фтюЁют№щ ъыѕс" where the main word will be behind youth.

It is necessary to wish only you successes and good ideas at the platform equipment, and house committee and a house management, certainly, will render you assistance because if young men wish to carry out good and practical ideas, for certain, there will be those who will want to help them with it. .