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the Platform for the smallest

Round our apartment houses appears more and more green plantings. It concerns first of all areas of new buildings. However and in many old areas the public creates platforms for rest and games. And children thus do not remain bypassed. However for the smallest which yet were not passing polzunkovyj age, the corresponding platform for games directly in a house court yard can be met rather seldom.

As it is often possible to observe a picture when mother for a minute cannot depart from the kid, all time, preserving him creeping or clumsily walking, against the every possible dangers trapping it continually. Therefore the offer - to equip a platform for games of such kids where they on the one hand are protected from possible troubles and simultaneously can move freely, giving vent to the energy, - it is quite natural. .

The Ideal place for our project is the place near to the big shady tree. The project consists of three, children's arenas connected among themselves in the sizes more usual, like what are at you in apartment. However in a court yard they should be especially strong and, besides, in appropriate way to be entered in surrounding conditions. The arrangement represented in drawing can vary depending on features of a place, however always it is necessary to mean, that in this place there was a shade and benches for mother or the father which will look after kids playing a fenced platform have been provided. .

The Basic design of this big arena is very simple: We connect two basic building elements: basic beams (having square section approximately 15-20 sm) and the parts of a fence made from so-called obreshetiny (thickness approximately 5X3 sm). The material in this case will demand certain expenses. Before the building beginning it is necessary to check up comprehensively, it is how much possible to use available material, maybe, it will be possible to get the waste of the wood which have remained from a pulling down of the old wooden house if wood still has well remained. .

The Sizes of one of three rectangles should consider, that the length of their long parties did not exceed 3,5-4 m, differently fences will cave in. Fences are made as follows: smoothly vystrugannye and strongly rounded on all edges obreshetiny, apparently from drawing, are put on an edge (one on another) and are beaten to each other (serially one long continuous obreshetina on a number of pieces of wood in length of 25-30 sm). In basic beams the continuous groove in a thickness of a fence is made (for this purpose it is necessary to use machine tools, whenever possible, in repair shops. When a spadework is finished, we dig out through the planned intervals of deepening for beams which should come into the earth approximately on 50 see After beams in the bottom part (approximately half) are processed by the structure interfering rotting, we cover beams and parts of a fence with drying oil and we leave for some days to dry up. Then beams are inserted into the earth (and their vertical position is precisely maintained) and strongly fixed. Fences should be so are adjusted, that they could be inserted rigidly from above. In the winter they are taken out and stored in a premise where are not exposed to atmospheric influences. .

As angular columns it is possible to use and metal support. However they should be round that kids, playing, have not come across edges. Metal columns should have fixing devices to which fence parts, will be privertyvatsja screws. It is good, if over screws plastic caps with a view of protection of screws from atmospheric influences and for reduction of danger to children are put on. .