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Plants and flowers in a class

Probably, in each class room there are various plants and flowers and, for certain, any constantly varying materials of external registration: pictures, photos, posters, demonstration boards etc. And all it should be in the best way placed.

Pots with plants and colours stand more often on window sills or on a table near to a window, however it no means always the most convenient place. If to strengthen on a wall a strong frame (the top drawing see), and to a frame to tighten screws boxes, this design will decorate space of a wall of a class, and besides, plants will be conveniently placed and will occupy indoors, rather, it is a little place.

The Sizes of this frame depend on an available place. Its main part are two rejki a minimum 10 h 10 sm in a diameter, connected cross-section rejkami the same thickness (or is a bit more thin) in the way of coupling. Then to a cross-beam privertyvaem screws wooden boxes (a thickness of a board of a bottom - 2 sm, a thickness bokovin-1 sm) in which it is possible to put pots with the most various plants and colours. That boxes did not pass a moisture, it is recommended to upholster boxes with plastic. All design strongly incorporates to a wall by means of probes. If wood in a good condition, is enough to paint the florist a colourless varnish. If wood is better for painting, it is necessary to choose a paint well combined with other premise. .

Now some councils connected with other registration of a class room, approaching for all age. In drawing, below at the left, the placing variant on a wall, on frames of any quantity of pictures at any height, how it becomes at exhibitions is represented. For this purpose in a certain site of a wall or through all walls of a room, under the ceiling, becomes stronger rejka. Its thickness - approximately 2,5 - 3 sm, and width - 4-5 see From the back party rejka is mowed down so that from above it is possible to fix a hook on which then by means of a cord it is possible to hang up pictures. If rejka in the colour relation it is well entered in class registration, it is an additional decorative element of a room. .

The Variant represented in drawing, below on the right, allows to update wall registration often. For this purpose through uniform intervals it is strengthened on a wall (on in advance built in a wall plastic shkantah) rejki on which it is possible to hang up any quantity of pictures and posters of any size. If strengthened across rejki are painted in the colour different from colour tone of other wall, there is the original striped drawing which is carrying out decorative functions and in the event that a graphic material on an exhibition theme it has appeared insufficiently. .

However in frameworks, posters and so forth the registration calculated for more long term, it is possible to place pictures as well on a wall from reek, or on supplied with the adaptation for suspension established under a ceiling rejke. For manufacturing of frameworks necessary for it we can give some councils. To place pictures under glass, it is necessary to make a replaceable framework which allows to replace without any complexities pictures or photos. .

The Framework is made from reek in the thickness, approximately, by 2 sm and width 4 5 Angular connections see consist of thorns and eyes, however connection can be And vnahlestku. On the bottom edge and on each side it is strengthened metal holders (as At mirrors) so that under a framework it was possible to push glass together with Picture (or a photo) and a cardboard-substrate. The framework made thus It is fixed by means of one or several cross-section connections. To such framework It is convenient to attach buttons or carnations of a photo, a picture or posters. .