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the Place for the visitor always will be

Hospitality - the natural phenomenon in our dialogue with other people. However sometimes there are problems when someone comes from apart, and it is necessary to leave the person to spend the night, and possibilities for this purpose more, than modest. What to do in that case? The simple folding bed or a sliding bed on one - are quite convenient two nights. However sometimes they simply could not be stored, though they and take very few places. Besides it is not necessary to make impression of improvisation at the visitor and to cause feeling of awkwardness. We will stop better on a variant with a folding bed cleaned in a case.

So, the bed for the visitor is offered to be placed in a living room, having provided simultaneously a necessary place for bed-clothes, blankets etc. A design basis is the frame of the case corresponding on the dimensions to width and height of a folding bed in the collected kind. In our drawing (above) we have provided in a case intended for bed placing additional branch for bed-clothes and blankets. Depth of a design should not exceed 40 see Is better to do a case from drevesnostruzhechnyh plates (DSP), thickness, approximately, 2 Walls see, the plate and intermediate regiments incorporate among themselves shkantami. The back wall can be made of firm wood-fiber plates (TDVP), but it is possible to leave a case and without a back wall. In any case it is necessary to strengthen a case behind and in front rejkami in the width, approximately, 5 see In front rejka simultaneously will be a support for rojalnoj loops with which help it is fixed big folding dverka, closing the bottom part of a case. Handles dverki when it leans back, become simultaneously small legs. .

The Moved apart bed is established over folding dverki a case, as shown in the bottom part of the right drawing (side view). The folding cover of a box for storage of bedding is kept in horizontal position by means of holders. The accessories can be got in a household shop. In bokovine branches in which bedding takes places it is bored through in a proper place of an aperture for air circulation. If apertures are done well and successfully located, they even look as decorative elements. .

It is desirable, that the design strongly incorporated to a wall by means of established in probes. In the top drawing we consider a case variant where the folding bed which could be entered well in a design of a furniture wall is stored, however it can fill and a room corner. The branch for the bed is below equipped, over it the shelf for a lamp, hours, books and a box for bedding, over it opens, being stretched to a ceiling, the shelf also settles down. .

The Bottom variant shows us the basic design of branch for a folding bed. It is behind a curtain. The box for storage of bedding is located over it. However it is possible to equip a locker only for folding bed placing. In this case it is offered to build also the second locker (having the same sizes). In it, in the bottom compartment, it would be possible to equip a box for the bedding, closed folding dverkoj, located in front. Over it it would be possible to insert into a case one - two shelves. Such combination in general looks even more cosy. .

For a construction of this model it is desirable to use already available material from old cases, especially for folding dverok. However it is possible to make all of frames. Outside they will be revetted TDVP. The locker for a folding bed should be made very accurately as it should be entered in the general conditions of a room. There, where it is required, it is necessary to putty well deepenings from screws and to paint over their varnish paint. .