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Pasting of chairs

Repair of chairs is the most expedient for making as follows. First of all it is necessary to prepare necessary tools namely: a hammer, a rasp on a tree, a chisel (width a minimum 2см.), an emery paper, some chocks, the big clamp and a lining to it. If the clamp at you is not present, it is necessary to take in exchange one or several cords and a piece of wood for zakrutki.

In the beginning it is necessary to break cautiously the loosened parts of a chair (as a lining always it is necessary to use a chock). Then it is necessary to clear very carefully all places which should be stuck together anew. Nests under a thorn (eyes) need to be cleared a chisel or a flat rasp. Thorns are the most expedient for clearing of the rests of glue and a paint across a wood structure.

Chairs break up because of too weak coupling of separate parts. That at the subsequent pasting thorns strongly sat in eyes, them paste over from one or two parties (it depends on a demanded thickness) with interline interval slices. Thus it is necessary, that glue has been put on slices from both parties, and eyes under thorns also have been well greased from within by glue. If the thickness of a thorn is insufficient, it is possible to wind it with the linen rag moistened with glue. In each case it is recommended to use glue cold otverzhdenija that we had enough time for work. .

"Ръюырёштрэшх" separate parts it is made again with the help churbachkov. When all parts are densely connected among themselves, clamps or if they are not present are atop established, on a back and four legs loops from a linen cord are imposed, knotted and tightened with the help zakrutki, as is shown in the bottom drawing on the right. .

There, where the furniture design allows, the bulky furniture can be made easier, having reduced, having narrowed or having truncated its some parts.

For example, it is possible to make of the bottom part of kitchen buffet a wall case, however depth of such case, as a rule, does not exceed 40 see to receive such sizes, first of all we will disassemble a back wall of buffet. Legs also should be removed. Intermediate regiments are taken out. (After the case will be ready, them vrezhut taking into account the turned out width). On old furniture a pencil mark the necessary sizes then superfluous parts cut off a saw and vystrugivajut a cut surface. In summary again we grease with glue connecting laths which then incorporate to a back wall. Metal naveski are attached to lateral walls. .

We bring to your attention one more variant where object of alteration is the long table which should be truncated. First of all we remove a table-top and we shorten a table till the necessary length. The sizes of a table are expedient for keeping such that it was necessary to truncate only two tsargi. TSargi it is sawn across for the necessary length (including length of a thorn). Superfluous parts tsarg then leave from a table leg. After a marking new thorns are cut and podstole anew sticks together on hloptsah (supports to a joiner's workbench) or by means of a cord and zakrutki. The table-top fastens the steel squares screwed from below. .

Preliminary the surface of a cut of a table-top is processed by a plane and an emery paper. If there is a possibility and necessity, the new piece of an interline interval is pasted, or the table-top is pasted over with a decorative film.

This method, certainly, can be used for any other table of a squared shape.

If tables or chairs need to be made more low, accordingly shorten their legs. On sides of end faces it is necessary to make facets. .