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Old councils do not grow old

Councils and recommendations as something to make most, have appeared long before our days. In olden time there were recipes for the most various things which have not lost the value and till today. Therefore we wish to acquaint you with some of these old councils which will be interesting to the house master and, probably, will manage to clear desire to make as. Perhaps, something will seem to us a little old-fashioned as today by means of other, modern means, something can be made better and easier, but nevertheless from old councils today, as well as yesterday, it is impossible so to wave away simply, and it is proved to us by following examples:

Wooden rings for curtains and curtains on wooden bars again in a fashion. If rings do not move on a bar easily, and there is a fear that all this beauty one fine day will fall down a head, it is necessary to rub a bar with a candle candle end. .

The Same means helps, when doors or "чрхфрх=" open hardly and closed; a drawer. In this case all places which create such difficulties, are rubbed with a colourless candle. Needless to say that candle paraffin should be used there where it is a question of small sites of processing. Somewhere it is necessary to take advantage of a plane though and it is very cautious.

The Mirror hang up usually there where direct beams of the sun as from their action on mirror mercury there are stains do not fall. Some mirrors have original, frequently even expensive frame. The frames revetted with mosaic gold and which therefore demand special leaving, it is recommended is better to clean dairy whey. .

Columns and the beams already dug in the earth, it is possible to impregnate with water-repellent structure. For this purpose regarding a column, being over the earth, it is drilled an aperture in diameter approximately 1 sm (and it is drilled naklonno from top to down, to the column or beam middle), which is filled karbolineumom (or similar structure) until the column will not absorb all structure (during one - two days). After that the wooden peg which superfluous part is cut by a saw is hammered into an aperture. Plaster hardens more slowly if to it to add a few spirit. Then beginners, still not skilled, can work with it without haste. .

If it is necessary to paint something indoors, it is necessary to put a dish (or a small bowl with salt) thanks to what the paint pungent smell is considerably softened. To the one who wishes to make itself waterproof glue, we offer the ancient recipe: boil together 1 part of joiner's glue and 4 parts of water, add 11 parts of linen oil and boil all together 5 minutes. It is necessary to put glue, while it warm.

Small scratches on furniture disappear in most cases if scratched places cautiously to rub with a mix containing in equal parts vinegar and vegetable oil. Certainly, thus speech does not go about serious damages of a surface of furniture. .

The vinegar Solution freshens also an upholstered furniture surface. It is necessary to wipe it is more often only.

By means of an axe and a chisel to work easier if their edge preliminary to rub with paraffin.

If you were going to saw soft wood (a pine, a larch, a fur-tree etc.), it is necessary to rub a saw cloth preliminary with vegetable oil or shkvarkami neposolenogo fat. It considerably facilitates work.

If you were going to saw firm breeds of wood (an oak, a beech etc.), the same effect is reached, if a saw cloth preliminary to spread with kerosene. Linoleum remains much longer if after cleaning slightly to walk on it a rag moistened in water in which cooked fig.

The Freshly painted floor will remain much longer if at first cleaning to wipe its solution of vinegar. .