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the Night express train

It is possible, really to wish good night to all children who falls asleep not simply in a bed, and in a bed of which can dream only, in a bed from a fairy tale, the bed made with imagination and which will carry the child in the country imagination. We wish to tell to you how to make such bed. Needless to say that at the heart of a bed construction the maximum practicality and expediency always lies. Our project also recommends the expedient decision, but connects it with games of our children. The bed has the steam locomotive form, serves, it is natural to a dream, but, besides, if to clean all bed-clothes in the afternoon and to cover a mattress with a corresponding coverlet, it can serve and a place for game, game of fascinating, full romanticism. Besides our night express train has boxes where it is possible to clean various toys, and "ърсшэр ьр°шэшё=р" can become and a puppet theatre.

As a basis for our fantastic theatre it is possible to use absolutely usual cot. However it is even better, if it is an old, strong bed. A bed basis can make and lateral walls or doors of an old case or other any more not used furniture from which it is possible to take a corresponding material for our steam locomotive. .

Bokoviny of a bed are lifted above, than at usual beds. And behind, where they are connected to highly lifted headboard, and in front where they are inserted into the former headboard equipped now in a head part of a steam locomotive. Thanks to it, we receive a lot of place under a bed to push under it the drawers moving on rollers disguised from outside of a room under wheels of a steam locomotive. On each side these boxes from above there are the directing laths moving on corresponding laths, located under a bed thanks to what the constant place of boxes under a table is provided. .

If for a head part of a steam locomotive there is no material of the corresponding sizes, it is possible shkantov to put with the help from above the second piece or the stylised locomotive pipe, and appreciable joints to issue, as pipelines or something similar that it is possible to see at the present steam locomotive.

In a headboard - the principle of actions same, and is added a frame issued as a back window (and simultaneously as a puppet theatre scene). Lateral boards and a roof give to all design additional stability. Behind it is necessary for a puppet theatre scene, as it is necessary, to hang up a small curtain. .

The Head part of our steam locomotive, certainly, corresponds to models of old times. This head part we can use and as, sitting and as a small little table for games. As the top cover fastens on rojalnoj to a loop, we can lift it, and under it there will be more enough places to place in a box different toys, and can be, a blanket or a pillow. This part of our steam locomotive, considering a variety of its application, should be very strong. It is recommended to use for it boards or pieces of plates in the thickness, at least, 2 see According to the form of a sharp pentagon of the party outside are nailed up to the basic plate or privertyvajutsja by screws. On corners they need to be strengthened thick rejkami. .

Needless to say that all edges which are available on our steam locomotive, should be slightly rounded, that nobody was wounded about them.

The Imagination in the further registration of our steam locomotive, of course, can be boundless. Details of our drawing at registration can come nearer to existing in the nature or on the contrary to be underlined the fantastic. Lanterns, etc. it is possible to paint wheels thus in different fantastic colours, and it is possible to try, that they resembled the presents. And in summary one more council: juicy, bright paints always underline a joke, do its finished. .