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"ГхЁърыіэр " a vestibule

the Vestibule was and will be the apartment card, therefore its registration should give particular attention. And what if to make in a hall a mirror wall? For it (and it is visible in the left drawing) it is required very few places. .

These mirrors of the various size will give the chance to all members of a family (irrespective of growth) to examine from top to toe, before leaving the house. And, all can be made it carefully, without having missed any trifle. The offered arrangement of mirrors also is calculated on it on a wall. Isn't that so this original decision, without saying what mirrors create special effect in a hall?. Really, the system of mirrors is extremely convenient: the bottom mirror gives the chance to check up a condition of footwear and a bottom of trousers, an average - a skirt bottom, and at last, top – will allow to examine a hairdress and a headdress, and to men at the same time to be convinced that the tie sits exactly. The one who besides all it wishes to see the full reflexion in a mirror, can hang up on the right or at the left also a narrow mirror in all growth. .

For the full equipment of a mirror wall it is necessary to hang up three more small shelves. Top it is calculated to put there accessories which can be necessary when you look in a mirror. For this purpose it is necessary to have only two boards in width of 12-15 sm and thickness of 2 sm which should be connected among themselves screws at right angle and to the help shkantov privernuty to a wall. The small box where it is possible to put gloves is well entered in an aperture of a wall at an average mirror. .

And at last, near to the bottom mirror one more shelf made also from two boards connected at right angle takes places. Here put umbrellas, therefore on a regiment into the prepared apertures are inserted wooden shkanty and are fixed by glue that umbrellas did not drop out (See drawing below at the left). For all shelves it is recommended to take boards of an identical thickness and width. .

Sideways on a wall the luminescent lamp closed in front of small zaslonkoj that light did not fall directly on a mirror wall is established. .