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it is a lot of place in a small premise

There is an uncountable set of variants of shelves. However in relation to some of them you test not absolutely positive emotions: they seem you primitive and monotonous. The first associates for a long time with a word "ѕё=рЁхы№щ". As to monotony here much depends on that, it is how much expedient and regiments among themselves are thus in an original way connected.

We bring to your attention the following design. Regiments in length of 450 sm and a table-top it is established how it is represented in the top drawing therefore the zone separated from other premise in which children can play, work and eat is formed. Such zone is better to equip in a room corner.

Four main things of a shelf have height of 78 sm, width - 100 sm and depth 20 boards Required for this purpose see should have a thickness 2 the Bottom and average regiments see incorporate with bokovinami to the help shkantov, and bokoviny about the turn incorporate to the top regiments by means of secret thorns. Visible from outside thorns hide behind a thin external framework. .

The Shelf acting across, in depth of a room, is supplied with a back wall. The back wall is recommended to be put and in a shelf which is basic for a table-top (width of this shelf - only 50 sm). For other parts the back wall is not obligatory. However it is possible to supply with a back wall and each separate shelf, as is shown in our top drawing. The back wall is inserted into a groove done by a plane before connection of parts of shelves on vertical racks and on an inside of a table-top. The one to whom it will seem too difficult, can nail up a back wall from an underside or tighten screws, and can and attach it to an inside planted on probes thin reek. .

Intermediate regiments should then be made accordingly narrower. The bottom and average regiments at groove procutting will defend back for a thickness of a groove. Between all bottom regiments (removed from a floor approximately on 8 sm) and a floor place rejku as a socle. The shelf located in our drawing under a window, has width only 40 the board Passing over it see leans on rejku, privernutuju to a wall screws. The space under a board is closed by a curtain moving on rollers with which covers rejka. .

The Center of all ensemble is the table which can be both working, and lunch, and also a table for games. It consists of a table-top having the sizes 100x60 sm, and lying on a shelf passing along a wall, and a small basic shelf. Loose connection (that it was possible to remove a table-top) is carried out with the help shkantov; thanks to it the table-top does not move and does not slip. To avoid apertures under shkanty, instead of them it is possible to use also metal clips for time fastening of a table-top. However it is possible and to close apertures under shkanty ordinary plastic buttons. So, by means of shelves it is possible to create magnificent ensemble where on small space there are big possibilities for placing of books and other subjects. Besides the big table allows to work behind it simultaneously at once to a two. Advantage of this design at which the table-top can be removed, obviously. In case of need we, thanks to it, receive an additional empty seat without any considerable shifts. .

Very much it is recommended to paste over a table-top with a material, care which is possible. All other parts should have neutral colour that it is good to be entered in the general interior.

The Equipment of a children's room can be made, of course, exclusively on the basis of the above-stated combination of shelves. It is necessary to add only with its small armchairs and as beds to establish folding beds. .