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When the long corridor becomes shorter

Our top drawing gives a general view of a corridor from the party of an entrance door. These long corridors, as a rule, are divided into two half by means of an original doorway. It is offered to equip this pass from both parties, and both in front, and behind with cases with open regiments for books and decorative subjects. If after that pass which seems deep enough to close a curtain, the impression that before you two short, and consequently rather wide premises is made. Besides each part of a corridor can be issued absolutely differently.

How we equip each piece of a corridor? Depth of our shelves - approximately 2O-25 see For this purpose we will put from each party on four vertical plates (drawing see), height from a floor to a ceiling and the cross-beams corresponding to division provided by us of racks. Cases incorporate from top to down and from within outside. In summary under a bottom the socle in height approximately 5 sm which densely gets jammed a case between a floor and a ceiling is palmed off. .

Is better if regiments and lateral walls of a case are connected among themselves wooden shkantami. Separate regiments can be closed also folding and simple dverkami. Thanks to it all construction takes a solid form, and its value increases. .

If we establish cases on either side of pass, and the length of pass by that increases approximately to 60 sm (including a thickness of a wall between cases), it is recommended to paste over pass by corresponding wall-paper, is better under a tree. Pass walls can be sheathed also the wooden panel. For this purpose we make a frame in the thickness approximately 1,5 sm and privertyvaem it to the cases which are on either side of initial pass. At whom is not present desire to do a special frame, is simple privertyvaet screws or nails up on one vertical rejke on forward, accordingly the back case and establishes similarly on one rejke, above and below, between them. Then on this basis establish densely to each other rejki or boards. .

The Bottom drawing on which the kind of our corridor from above is schematically given, shows a forward part of a corridor with right-hand registration of a wall and behind it - left-hand side registration.

Registration of lateral walls should not be oversaturated. In our example the unoccupied two big sites of a wall divided by an average vertical support are left. From cross-section located case there passes a shelf (over lateral dvermi) which serves for placing of books, vases etc. .

As we separate the bottom part cross-section connection and in front we close dverkami, at corresponding registration of an internal part of a case we have a possibility, to place here a considerable part of the footwear. .

Near to a mirror, according to the general structure of constructions, the wide plate from wood, on which privertyvaetsja some hooks for clothes takes places. The top shelf serves for hats and scarfs. Cases and lateral walls need to be maintained in as much as possible light tones, the back wall of a cross-section shelf and a ceiling, on the contrary, are maintained in slightly more dark tones.