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Linen on a swing

More and more people spend a free time on the nature, and live on summer residences and in garden small houses not only in the days off. Many country and garden sites become during the period since spring till the autumn a constant place of stay of a family.

The Majority of owners of summer residences and garden small houses then all time is in a garden, i.e. among the nature. This stay on a summer residence, certainly, is not used for grandiose washing. For this purpose in a family there are special days. However for drying of small linen it is possible to use fresh air in a garden. In this connection we would like to bring to your attention two variants, to carry out which to the skilful house master will not make special work, and make it it can with small material expenses and even from an old material.

First of all, for washing quickly it is possible to equip "ъЁхё=ютшэѕ" for linen (the top drawing at the left see). The variant of a design presented here has rather small height, approximately 100 120 see However it is possible to establish and higher bar and to put a double cross then on small space it is possible to place a double portion of linen. For our variant we choose a bar, approximately 6 h 6 sm in a diameter. However it is possible to take and rather thick round timber. .

On distance approximately 5 sm the friend over the friend, in the top part we bore through apertures for parts krestoviny. They are made of handles of various sadovo-garden tools. These sticks should pass conveniently through apertures. For bolshej stability they are fixed by narrow wedges from firm wood. Thanks to it "ъЁхё=ютшэѕ for схыі " it is possible to disassemble quickly again as when it is not used, it takes places somewhere in a shed, taking very few places. On the parties krestoviny corresponding cuts that on them it was possible to fix a linen cord are put. .

For installation "ъЁхё=ютшэ№ for схыі " the lawn on which there are no trees will be a convenient place. In the bottom part of a vertical bar from one or two parties it is established long iron thorns (the bottom drawing at the left see) thanks to which we can thrust ours sushilnuju installation in the earth that the column did not shake. That the design was steady and at a strong wind, it is recommended to establish below in addition wooden struts. The second project for many umeltsev will be even more simple as it, saving the area, uses swing already available on much garden sites. The sizes of a design for linen drying in this case are defined by height and width of a skeleton of a swing "т ётх=ѕ" as experts speak. At this variant we will not need to pull a linen cord, and a coat hanger on which we, and hang out the linen intended for drying (first of all shirts, a sweater etc.) are necessary only . As a material it is used four strong rejki on which from above it is done wide notches that a coat hanger settled down steadily. Distances between notches should be such that the things intended for drying, it was possible to hang up conveniently nearby with each other. .

As the frame of a swing is usually located highly enough, a design as it is specified in drawing, it is possible to make in two floors. In four rejkah on corners apertures through which from each party the piece of a linen cord (all pieces is passed are bored through have identical length). Distances between top and bottom rejkami are defined by the sizes of linen which we are going to dry. .

This distance is fixed by knots which take places under rejkami, and Knots should be so big that it is reliable to close through apertures. That rejki across were on sufficient distance the friend From the friend, into in advance drilled apertures top rejki it is inserted two cores (Identical length) from fiberglassa or plastic (the bottom drawing on the right see). .