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Joiner's connections on shkantah and thorns

Boards can be connected with each other in the most various image and to receive as a result of it various pieces of furniture. The nonspecialist in most cases undertakes nails and screws. It has a certain lack as there is an aperture from a nail or a screw which should be closed up. Therefore, in particular when wood after connection it is not planned to paint, and also when the material with veneer or kleyonyj a material is used, it is recommended to apply connections of details from wood which do not put damages to surfaces.

Are very suitable for this purpose - including for beginning house masters - connections on shkantah. Thus in both connected details according to diameter shkantov bore through under them apertures on the distance defined in advance from each other. We insert into one of connected details (as a rule, it it is a bearing detail or cross-section connection) shkanty and we fix them on glue. It is necessary to put on the elements of a design prepared thus only glue and to press them to each other If shkant enters into the aperture hardly, it is necessary to hammer its easy blows of a hammer, however thus, certainly, it is necessary to enclose bruski not to damage a surface. .

Certainly, it is possible to cut out in advance shkanty certain length, however thus from-verstija it is necessary to bore through on depth to within millimetre. Therefore to take advantage of next way easier: after in an aperture glue is filled in, it is necessary to move into it all shkant, and then by means of a saw for fair sawing up to saw off a superfluous part shkanta, having left necessary length. .

To increase a surface shkanta, covered with glue, and accordingly to increase reliability of connection of details from wood, it is recommended to give preliminary a surface roughness shkanta by means of a rasp.

Shipovoe connection can be carried out in the most different ways. At connection on otrkrytyh thorns, thorns of one bruska enter into corresponding eyes of another bruska, and thorns it is visible at both connected details. Connection on open thorns is applied in all cases when after manufacturing of a piece of furniture thorns finally do not prevent, for example thorns on back corners of drawers, at shelves, racks and similar designs at which they then are all the same closed by laths. .

If thorns deaf persons (vpotemok), it means that on the one hand, more often in front, them it is not visible. Thorns enter into a board or plate end face in such a manner that they are closed by a layer of wood in the thickness not less than 0,5 see it is necessary to mean some instructions for this type of connections. Thorns are always cut so that . At loading of this or that piece of furniture connection carried out a role of a strong wedge.

To Make connection by direct thorns for the beginning joiner is easier, than, For example, thorns with a profile in the form of a trapeze, so-called "ырё=юёъшэ№ь §тюё=юь". At cutting out "ырё=юёъшэ№§ §тюё=ют" we provide a little big thickness outside that then connection was dense. For exact vydalblivanija a chisel "ырё=юёъшэюую §тюё=р" it is recommended to fix boards on a desktop a clamp. To receive pure edges, hollow out wood only on half of thickness of a board, and then overturn a board and hollow out on the other hand through. At both types of connections of details from wood it is necessary to mark preliminary carefully to (make an incision) hollowed out places that connection was exact. As the tool the surface gauge is for this purpose used. .