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Individuality of a bathroom

the Majority of bathrooms looks monotonously enough. And pieces of furniture in a bathroom, in particular lockers though are painted in different colours, as a rule, have no individuality. Rugs from polyfoam about a bath are short-lived because besides other they, are subject to daily action of humidity.

In this connection we offer you, using the rests of materials available in the house, for example, boards and reek to bring more individualities in your bathroom. Perhaps, according to reorganisation, it is required to make changes and to registration of walls.

For example, we can, underline individuality of a bathroom, having placed in it two subjects of the oval form, one on a wall and one on a floor, namely a floor lattice and the wall shelf which basic structure should be identical. And for this purpose, and for another boards in width approximately 15 sm are used and in the thickness 1,5 see However it is possible to take three boards, having placed two along the edges and one in the centre, and between them to place from each party on neskolku laths of the same thickness. Thus, doing a lattice, you should pay special attention on the bottom boards which are carrying out cross-section connection. .

They should reach the end of the rounded off boards of the narrow party, and distances between them should be minimum that the basis was strong that the lattice did not shake also its separate sites did not cave in. Connection between longitudinal and cross-section boards should be the same strong. Is better to use for this purpose glue cold otverzhdenija and screws from stainless steel, certainly, drowned that have not wounded those feet who will become on a lattice. .

The General registration of a back wall of a shelf should be same, as at a lattice. Advantage of such shelf consists that, thanks to cross-section connections which in this case are located vertically, the oval surface departs from a wall a little, opening direct access to air. On the basic oval surface privertyvaem screws a shelf consisting from bokovin, the bottom board and one or two intermediate shelves. All design looks especially decoratively if both bokoviny are made of a thick material, for example, from boards in the thickness approximately 3 sm, and bottom and intermediate shelves, being brief, act forward. Thereby the oval form of a back part of all shelf, plastically being allocated, as though repeats. .

In considerably reduced kind this oval can be repeated in a bathroom some times, for example as a vertical or horizontal background for a rectangular mirror or the small, ovally cut out boards (including with burnt drawings) as polotentsederzhatel (supplied with corresponding hooks) or the holder of a toilet paper (drawings see). Thus uniform style of registration of a bathroom is created. Both for a floor lattice, and for a wall shelf and supplementing parts, we recommend to leave natural colour of wood or if that is demanded by wall registration, slightly to process wood morilkoj. In drawings self-made products are decorated by burnt ornaments. .

Thus the imagination can be boundless. For a burning out is better to use Soldering irons of the different sizes. However it is possible to work and needles, preliminary having heated Them on fire. It is possible to put patterns on a tree and by means of others approaching for This purpose of metal subjects. The lattice and a shelf should be processed drying oil, To protect them from humidity influence. After that wood dries Long enough, and then it is necessary to cover it one or two times with a colourless varnish. .