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As inconvenience to transform into convenience

the Beam always disturbs, especially if it is in the room middle. In the apartments located under a roof, especially in a countryside or small towns, this, as a matter of fact the necessary element of a design of a roof, delivers many inconveniences. Nevertheless we will try to transform inconvenience into convenience. By means of a beam it is possible to equip the good dining table creating in a room a cosiness. It can be used and as an excellent place for work. In spite of the fact that inconveniently located beam, as a rule, supplements also a dark corner, we will try to get rid simultaneously of both inconveniences. First of all in appropriate way we will prepare bearing beam of a roof of the house. For this purpose it is necessary to board a beam in the thickness approximately g see, having beaten their ordinary nails (the truth nails should be drowned and their apertures are puttied by wood putty). Boards from outside long bokovin our future table beat to boards with internal and an outer side. Possible roughnesses of the sheathed beam preliminary are levelled by the wedges beaten by nails to not edging board of a timbering.

The Following stage of work consists in table-top preparation. The table total length should not exceed essentially 125 see If the table is longer, it is necessary to provide additional support in the form of legs. (In drawing they are not designated). .

The Width of our table-top - 65 sm, and a thickness - 3 see the Best variant the plate from kleenoj plywood is, however at the specified sizes it is possible to use quite drevesnostruzhechnuju a plate (DSP). Besides for these purposes are suitable also a plate from massive wood or a frame revetted from above and from below with a firm wood-fiber plate (TDVP). .

Necessary rigidity our table gets from outside walls, thanking brusku, attached to a wall by means of screws with shkantami and from outside beams, thanking brusku, strongly screwed from below to a table-top which enters into a beam almost to its middle. From above we strongly connect a table-top nails (which similarly utaplivajutsja and then zashpaklevyvajutsja) or the screws which hats are visible and consequently are symmetrized strictly. .

The table-top Height, under your discretion, from 65 to 75 see the shelf Located under a ceiling which you see in drawing, beautifully looks; in a combination to a table it looks as an original partition of a premise, and besides on it it is possible to place various useful things.

Shelf Branches (two branches are necessary) make of boards in the thickness of 2 sm which settle down on certain distance from each other (approximately 20-25 sm) and are knocked together by nails or incorporate screws as boxes for colours. The narrow parties thus remain opened. A shelf privertyvaetsja screws on either side of a beam. From outside walls privertyvaem screws on inserted into a wall shkanty churbachok, width equal to width of a beam, and on it similarly both parts of our shelf which then, apparently on the scheme below, are covered with a board and are pinned. .

From below this board can be used for a suspension bracket of one or several small Fluorescent bulbs. Thus we receive bright light; however, thanking To that light is outside closed, it causes sensation of a cosiness.

It is possible to paint All this design one or several paints, being conformed with mebelirovkoj rooms. However it is recommended to use and a natural varnish as on the wood covered with a varnish, the structure appears most clearly. .

If the basic beam is located too far from a room wall, it is possible to hammer together the second from boards and to put it between a wall and a basic beam.
If the basic beam is located too far from a room wall, it is possible to hammer together the second from boards and to put it between a wall and a basic beam.