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How to equip a mezzanine

In any apartment there is no place for storage of various things. It is especially distinctly shown in small new apartments. A mezzanine - one of the most effective possibilities somehow to solve this problem. However in apartments with a low ceiling the mezzanine hangs down on a head and consequently it should look beautifully literally, instead of simply to be the pendant construction sheathed by boards. First of all the mezzanine should be located at such height that under it it was possible to stand, i.e. that its height in light as experts speak, was not less than 190-200 see

There is a set of possibilities of a construction of such mezzanine. We would like to pay your attention to some variants which, in our opinion, can serve as samples for you. Their execution is carried out, certainly, according to possibilities of a premise and, of course, according to joiner's abilities of the house master which undertakes this business. .

The Variant the first: on each of both parties of the blocked premise it is strengthened Thick bearing rejku, thickness a minimum 3 x 4 sm or 3 x 5 see It privertyvaetsja To a wall screws through wooden or plastic shkanty, fixed in a wall In advance. For a flooring any type of boards is used. Separate boards should be Are established densely to each other, and the mezzanine should be painted from below the dark Tone. As original decorative end, from below on bearing rejkah Mezzanines fasten (with zapilami) on pins, settling down nearby with each other With intervals 3 - 5 Rejki see should have a thickness of 15-20 mm and such width, which Would allow them to concern a mezzanine from below or that between them remained small Backlash. If these rejki to sustain in light tones, colour contrast under the relation To a dark bottom part of a mezzanine will look not only it is very solid, but also It is modern. .

The Second variant is, perhaps, the most simple. In many apartments at reorientation of owners to new furniture there can be well remained table-top. It is not excluded that it will precisely fill space which should be blocked. Besides it is quite possible to find the strengthened plywood plate of the necessary sizes in sale. .

The Plate should correspond to the set size precisely. In each of lateral walls vmazyvajut a solution of alabaster or plaster of not less than two probes so that they acted from a wall as the flat, supplied apertures under screws or screws the party. After that the plate is imposed, contours of acting parts of probes are outlined by a pencil, and these surfaces are hollowed out from a plate on such depth that at repeated imposing they simply in it disappear. That the mezzanine has not moved, it privertyvaetsja Screws from below. In the conclusion, deepenings zashpaklevyvajutsja putty for wood. .

After shvatyvanija putty is levelled by grinding zapodlitso, and by that There is an invisible strong connection. If the mezzanine sometime is required To remove, will not make special work to remove putty by means of an old chisel. In The third variant by means of wooden reek the thickness of 2-3 sm constructs a frame, Attached to a wall by means of screws and shkantov, and from above becomes covered by the thin Joiner's plate (with a basis from boards). Thus it is necessary to consider that a bearing frame It is filled with linings exactly so, how many it is recommended in conformity With prospective loading to avoid mezzanine sagging. For facing, If loading allows, plywood or the firm wood-fiber is used also Plate (TDVP). Below the frame is sheathed by a plate revetted with an interline interval, as wooden The panel. Thus around we leave obodok, in the width 5-8 sm, sustained there are less In other colour tone, than a covering. .