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the Horse-rocking chair can be grazed on a grass

the Swedish wall, a swing, a hill for driving concern the equipment of the majority of children's playgrounds. Their lack, however, is that this equipment can be used without any fears only from certain age. Therefore the small have less than possibilities to satisfaction of thirst of activity. However here again it is possible to find a way out. Both earlier, and now at kids the horse-rocking chair uses a great popularity. The truth in its apartment still it is impossible to name the most silent toy (at least in relation to those who lives below). However horses are connected with pastures. Therefore at a construction of our stylised horse-rocking chair it is necessary to provide, that it could be grazed on a grassy surface of a court yard.

Our wooden pony is made of four basic elements, namely from two plainly rounded off bokovin and two intermediate boards (the top part and a part serving for strengthening of a design). For anatomic completeness it is necessary to establish still a head, and for convenience of the small horseman - a board-saddle, a basic back and two rejki on which it is possible to put feet. As a material it is used the pared down boards (thickness not less than 2 sm) from a pine or a fur-tree. .

The Sizes should be such that it was convenient to future horsemen to sit and easily to be shaken. The basic sizes it is possible to take the following: the length - 110 sm, height - 60 sm and width 25-30 see it is necessary to underline once again that zakruglenie should not form a semicircle, and correspond to more extended figure (ellipse type) that our horse at intensive gallop has not turned over. .

For bokovin boards incorporate among themselves and stick together with glue cold otverzhdenija (it occurs under pressure by means of the big clamps or special linings). For rigid fixation after a cutting bokovin it is necessary to tighten to an inside cross-section rejki how it is specified in drawing, i.e. average - directly and both external slantwise. The thickness corresponds to a thickness of boards, and the width should be approximately 8-12 the Internal basic board see is cut in crossing places according to size reek. The top and basic board are greased on edges with glue cold otverzhdenija and incorporate with bokovinami by means of nails or screws. Rejki for feet (length - approximately 40 sm, width - 5-6 sm, a thickness - 3-4 sm) paste to bokovinam according to the planned distance from a board of sitting and for bolshej durabilities privertyvajut them in addition screws (it is more expedient to do it before connection). .

The Head of a horse is made of a board in the thickness of 3 sm and, depending on art abilities and skills, decoratively decorated by additional gluing of separate parts, for example, an eye and ears, and also a mane made of a skin or even from the present or artificial hair etc. .

The Support for hands becomes from a round stick in the thickness of 2 sm which is entered into an aperture drilled in a head of a horse, and is put there on glue. The saddle is cut out from wood in the thickness of 2 sm and from above is brief (can be supplied also by a soft upholstery). It is nailed up or privertyvaetsja by screws, and the attention to that nails and screws have been drowned is paid. .

Boards for a back undertake an identical thickness. A head and back boards join the top board with the help shkantov. Not to spoil a lawn, it is recommended to ground our horsy still. For this purpose it is possible to use soft plastic or thick strips of polyfoam. Depending on these loadings "яюфъют№" it is necessary to update from time to time.

Needless to say that such toy after use should be stored in a cellar, instead of to leave open-air where it can quickly deteriorate from a rain and dampness.