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the Holiday in a garden

the Garden has departing from any settled habits and more to improvise. It at all should not be considered, how the appeal to refuse comfort. Simply things which surround us on the nature, should be somehow easier, more natural. For example, a browning on a grill interestingly already because thus it is possible to look, how it occurs. Kolbaskami, roasted slices of meat and a shish kebab can enjoy twice: once during a browning and the second time during meal.

To do everything as it is necessary, we equip a special corner. It consists of two tables put at right angle to each other, and benches to these tables. Tables and benches are made of not edged boards in the thickness of 2,5-3 sm and width 25-30 sm as table-tops, accordingly seats for benches. Short logs serve as legs. By the way, for legs we can to use, for example, a trunk in the old, cut down last autumn, pears. The trunk should be divided into corresponding pieces, namely so that a minimum one part of total length has been dug in the earth. .

Our table made by a corner should have height approximately 70 sm, the height of benches should be 40-45 see In trunk scraps eyes should be made from above, and then they should be hollowed a chisel from both parties. It becomes to place a piece rejki, which approximately on 5 sm already, than. A board which on it will settle down. These rejki are nailed up or privertyvajutsja by screws to a leg end face. Boards for a table-top and sitting privertyvajutsja to rejkam. .

However preliminary round timbers are driven in the earth. Wood parts should to be processed, certainly, protivognilostnym structure. After a table and benches are established strongly, we absolutely process a surface a double plane, from different directions we round edges, and all preliminary we process drying oil. After drying oil will dry up, the surface becomes covered by a layer of a protective varnish. At right angle to our design the fire-resistant support for a grill is equipped. .

For the buffet meeting easy situation of rest on the nature, we take a step-ladder. Opposite to it on certain distance ordinary goats are established. In the bottom third of step-ladder, directly on steps the wide board and in such a manner that on the one hand there is only short piece of a board keeps within, and with another - the long, which end keeps within on goats. The loose connection which has turned out thus, of course, is not sufficient to provide a reliable support for tableware. Therefore under a board we bring rejki and so that inside they laid down between ladder steps. The board from above is pressed down between steps of an open step-ladder and thus cannot slide off. If steps of a step-ladder and height of a trestle precisely do not coincide it is necessary podravnjat them rejkami the corresponding thickness, enclosed under a board. To strengthen turned out design, we take a metal clip or it is even better a clamp. .

In the top part of a step-ladder it is established a short board which is prepared in the same way, as long. The same becomes under the main board.

In the top part of our drawing, before a tree, there is a universal purpose table-prefix. It is made of two pairs reek which incorporate cross-wise and form legs, and a board or a piece drevesnostruzhechnoj plates DSP which are used as a table-top. In a place of a crossing of a leg incorporate rejkoj, and above the table-top is put on them. Round it are nailed up safety rejki that that costs on a table, from it did not fall. .