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the Frame for a grandmother's couch

Even an inconvenient room, in appropriate way having equipped, it is possible to make cosy if, considering a lay-out, to show a few imaginations. It is absolutely not obligatory to compensate room lacks monetary expenses. We take, for example, an old grandmother's couch. It can be used at apartment re-equipment. If besides you somewhere in a closet have old, however well remained case, consider that the problem of a building material for a couch frame is solved.

The Length of such old couch, as a rule, - 190 sm, width 85-90 see Besides in a couch headboard there is a round platen with dense stuffing, abruptly and highly rising over a couch surface. However it does not create any hindrances. To use a couch for a dream difference of heights it is possible to compensate, having put pillows with stuffing from foam rubber which form motley colour stains on a monophonic background of a material of an upholstery in the afternoon. An upholstery of a mattress of a couch a matter try to make or if will not risk for it to undertake, give to a workshop. If nevertheless you do not want to spend money for couch covering, it is possible to solve a problem by means of a decorative coverlet. .

But the decision of a question on a grandmother's couch where it is possible to have a sleep at night is final and to sit in the afternoon so uproshchenno it is not necessary to understand. Especially in a room where not too it is a lot of a place. Therefore we start a construction of a frame which in our opinion seems rather expedient. .

The Main element of a frame is the floor locker and a shelf over it. This design settles down behind a couch headboard. It consists of three vertically located boards in width go sm and length approximately 80-90 sm which from above incorporate a cross-section board therefore two branches are formed. The top board acts forward and in both parties approximately on 2см. .

Directly behind a couch headboard, it is established bokovina which width is defined by width of a couch (approximately 90 sm). A material bokoviny - a plywood or firm wood-fiber plate (TDVP). The part (in the form of a bedside table), being near to a couch, can be supplied by several regiments for books and other subjects. In our case we insert only one cross-beam. Under it the plastic lath is located (for a curtain) which is closed by a peak in width approximately 5 see Thanks to it the bottom part can be curtained and used for placing of various subjects which are not obligatory for exposing for a general review.

The Design is very simple. All three vertical walls incorporate to the top board with the help shkantov. On shkantah the bedside table shelf is established also. For bolshej rigidity of a design on shkanty or thorns behind a curtain, between lateral walls are put basic rejki. The lobby rejka serves thus for fastening on pins, accordingly gluings bokoviny a couch established in a headboard. For this purpose under the top board one more is attached on pins rejka. Before splachivaniem separate elements it is impossible to forget that on the bottom back edge of three vertical boards it is necessary to make the necessary size zapily for a plinth that all design could stand closely to a wall. .

After design pasting it is started the equipment of a forward part of our cosy corner - the second bokoviny couches. In quality bokoviny the strengthened plate (from this a material is established, as bokovina headboards) in the width corresponding to width of a couch, and in height approximately 50 see Atop bokoviny, on shkantah the cross-beam in width 50 fastens All this design see is established level with the bottom edge of a couch and very carefully screwed on an edge by screws from lateral aspect. .