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Family telegraph

In many families work or employment at school for different members of a family begin at various times. All family sometimes meets only at supper. The logical conclusion therefore arises. To organise performance of all house affairs, it is necessary to take advantage of certain auxiliary means. It becomes, of course, not less to speak with each other, and is simple because each member of a family needs to allocate any time for which it without hindrances could make the private affairs. Happens and so that any native or friends have a flat key and when anybody is not present the house, can want to transfer something. Not everyone has phone to inform expected visitors. And in general it is sometimes better to write down something, than to tell.

Three variants of creation such "ёхьхщэюую =хыхуЁр¶р" are offered in this section. The system of separate boards for orders or messages depends, certainly from those to whom the message is addressed. However it not only the information, but also time commissions on an economy which those or other members of a family and on whom informs ours "ёхьхщэ№щ =хыхуЁр¶" should execute;. .

The Basis for our system of the information is the plywood board, a firm wood-fiber plate (TDVP) or thin drevesnostruzhechnaja a plate (DSP). Certainly it is possible to hang up a frame on which to paste a corresponding material. The sizes of our boards depend on possibilities for their placing, to place them is better on kitchen. If we manage besides other to issue still "ёхьхщэ№щ =хыхуЁр¶" so that it in decorative sense was well entered in a premise then consider that our purpose is reached. .

The First variant (drawing from above on the right) is rather simple. On vertically located rectangular plate it is established in several places on certain distance from each other on two hooks. On hooks it is possible to hang up, for example, perfokartochki on which the necessary information is written. For the information which constantly repeats, in the bottom part of a board it is attached jashchichek in which cards remain. Records become on the sample offered in drawing. An old variant "шэ¶юЁьрчшюээюую ышё=ър" the ordinary slate board is. It is convenient that on it it is possible to write something and again to erase. Therefore in a following variant (drawing at the upper left) we suggest to frame it, and nearby to leave still a place for the long-term information, as, for example, the schedule of lessons etc., and in the box located below with several divisions to hold necessary writing-materials and a sponge or a rag for board reduction in an order. .

The Third variant provides constantly repeating, and also the single information. For single messages it is possible to use a principle of the first variant, however instead of cards with inscriptions it is hung up otryvnoj a notebook. For the constant information it is used located in the centre of our board moving arrows from plywood, metal or strong plastic in which names of members of a family are specified. Various colours in which arrows are painted, help to orient faster. .

Drawings (at the left, in the bottom part of drawing) show in details as it is expedient to issue separate elements.

For example, for strengthening of a rotating arrow behind through an aperture in a plate The bolt with cutting of the corresponding length is passed. In front it are put on Arrows (on the bottom end of arrows there are apertures) who separate the friend From the friend thick podkladnymi washers. The pin can be supplied by a small magnet. The metal plate accordingly is located on a plate. However it is possible to be limited And the pasted old cover from a pen. .