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the shed Equipment on a garden site

On the majority of garden sites is available, a shed where there is everything that concerns care of a garden, from garden tools to a set of manual tools. Therefore council as it is all to place expediently, will be, certainly, far not superfluous.

Our drawing gives in this connection some offers, as properly to equip in this shed. Needless to say that these examples should be brought into accord with various types and the sizes of sheds. However the maximum and most rational use of its walls should be main principle of the equipment of such shed. The premise middle should remain free that it was possible to approach and take any required tool or a subject without any difficulties. Besides, then possibility will quickly place bulky things for some time, without blocking all shed.

On the scheme below the plan of a shed as which it is possible to consider almost ideal at the left is represented. The basic part of an available surface of a wall is occupied thus with a rack rising to the ceiling. .

The Rack (in our example divided) leans against two branches on basic rejki, having in a diameter a minimum 4х 6 see They are knocked together by nails, as ladders. (Drawing below on the right shows, how simply it becomes.) cross-section rejki are established in such a manner that they are support for shelves. In our example we show a various arrangement of these shelves which should be defined, first of all, by those or other concrete requirements. In practice it means that below it is necessary to leave as much as possible place for placing of bulky and heavy subjects of sadovo-garden stock. .

The Part of our shed is divided in a horizontal direction by an intermediate shelf or overlapping. This place is necessary for us for placing of things which shutters hung in summertime not necessarily should be always near at hand, for example. These overlappings should be at such height that it was convenient to get the things necessary to you. There is no special necessity a place for the warehousing, located in top chastisaraja, to do from compact and consequently heavy material. In our example we do a strong frame on which through certain intervals we impose cross-section rejki, paternal the frame takes a lattice form. Apparently in drawing, below we equip a small working corner. As a desktop it is possible to use any strong table. Well approach for this purpose and old, served the service, desks as their drawers can be used still, and, besides, under them there is a place where it is possible to place something. .

The Place which has remained near to a working corner, is used for placing of garden furniture and any stock.

The Wall which is at a door, is used for placing of sadovo-garden stock and tools. It is recommended to place corresponding fixing adaptations that all tools have been reliably fixed on a wall. In a cross-section compartment it is possible to place bulky sadovo-garden stock and various rejki. That anything therefrom did not drop out, in front strengthen a lath which however, it is possible to establish and it is mobile. .

All constructions which are equipped in sheds, it is not obligatory to process then an emery paper. It is possible to use here and a wood waste (scraps of boards etc.)

It is not interfered by a various thickness and width of a material. The most important thing, That all constructions were rigid and strong. Needless to say that edges, Thus, are rounded or mowed down, and the built in wooden parts or rejki Do not break up. .

To protect all our constructions in a shed from atmospheric influences, it is necessary to process their drying oil.