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Doors - reliable protection

At doors their two qualities are appreciated mainly: first of all they should be reliable protection of apartment or other premises against penetration of strangers, secondly: they not less reliably should protect from a cold and draughts, not in the last instance, in interests of the power budget of our apartment.

In the beginning we will consider a door, as protection against a cold. It first of all that door which closes an exit from apartment. In many old apartments and in houses in a countryside oven heating still prevails; ladders in such houses are not heated, and consequently on them is cold. Can happen that doors, especially filenchatye, eventually and as a result drying process start to pass air. To correct it, we offer a basic variant which, depending on structure of a door and possibilities concerning materials, it is possible to vary.

For this purpose it is necessary to nail up or screw screws on a doorframe from lateral aspect (together with with internal) rejki in the thickness approximately g see Between these rejkami we will put stuffing as isolation. For this purpose we use flakes of polyfoam or a plate from polyfoam (as them use at packing of technical household appliances). Thus it is necessary to consider that the space between rejkami should be densely filled. .

In drawing the principle of such filling at the upper right is shown; nearby at the left it is shown, how the door after the work termination looks. Over a filler we will nail up on rejki a firm wood-fiber plate (TDVP), a plywood plate or thin drevesnostruzhechnuju a plate (DSP). Certainly, nails utaplivajutsja, and apertures from nails are filled with wood putty. If there are complexities with adjustment of the lock and the door handle, it is necessary to leave a place that it was convenient to use both the lock, and the handle on a door. .

The Second offer concerns external doors which we wish to make steady against atmospheric influences. For this purpose boards of 1,5-2 sm which should be not wider ju will be necessary in the thickness for us These boards see can be privernuty screws to an external door both lengthways, and across. It is possible to place them and slantwise; thus there is an original drawing. Separate boards are mowed down above on edges and incorporate to the help of a crest. For this purpose it is recommended to cut from both parties of boards a mill a groove corresponding to a thickness of a crest. It can be made with the help paznika, and also appropriate amount of the set up round saw used as an accessory to a manual drill. .

In drawings in the middle two basement doors are represented. The left door is sheathed by roofing roofing felt or other material. The material is nailed up to a door and becomes stronger along the edges wide rejkami. The door nearby is established incorrectly therefore, despite the lock, it is possible to remove it from loops easily. .

Unfortunately, such error at installation of basement doors repeats enough Often. To make their more reliable, it is necessary to tighten screws under hinges Thick bruski then to remove a door, lifting it from below upwards, already it is impossible. The truth Thus it is necessary to pay attention to that brusok did not disturb to normal opening Doors. In drawing below at the left it is represented, as by means of screws and counternuts to Strengthened bruskom to a doorframe privertyvaetsja a reliable metal loop For the hinged lock. .