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the Door, as a piece of furniture

in general, the problem of doors consists in closing separate premises. On some doors place mirrors or establish hooks on which, for example, in a bathroom hang up bathing dressing gowns. However on a door it is possible to place and variety of other things. If it is made so that does not make impression of an untidy closet, and opposite, brings the special note then, as they say, we kill two hares in a premise.

However before starting realisation of any project such, it is necessary to consider quality and a condition of doors, after all they have been designed and made in due time not that on them any subjects took places. Therefore loading which can arise, should not be too big that there was no door warp that the door has not descended from loops and has not received any damages. If on a door frames take places, it is necessary to watch that it could open normally and further.

Now we will consider some variants. In the first variant presented in drawing at the upper left, boxes of the different sizes are attached to a door. In these boxes the most different things can take places. This possibility should be used for a children's or youth room, if it is necessary to find where to place a bulky working material, for example paper rolls, a cardboard for plotting. For children there will be a place for dolls, papers for a cutting or other subjects less. Boxes do of a thin material. Is better for this purpose 6th sm and of 1-1,5 sm which, having chosen the necessary sizes approach thickness rejki in the width, knock together in the form of the Latin letter "U" and from both parties sheathe thin plywood or firm wood-fiber plates (TDVP). Them do or demountable or it is strong privertyvajut to a door screws. .

It is important to consider thus, the door is made of what material. If it is a door of a frame design, fastening elements should settle down on a frame. If glass is inserted into a door, it is necessary or not to close at all it, or completely to block one of boxes. .

Colouring of the boxes located on a door by a paint, contrast in relation to other part of a door, very much recovers a picture of the general colour perception.

The Second variant (it is resulted in drawing on the right) provides placing of electrical household appliances, however it becomes from that party of a door which is not visible to strangers. For this purpose kitchen or closet doors well approach. .

The Principle is extremely simple. According to subjects which we place (them can be, for example, connecting cords of electrodevices) we and choose a place for boxes and fastening elements. Round them on a door the frame is established. On edges of a frame we nail up with a shaped head of a strip of a strong fabric with the bases of buttons (drawing below on the right see). The frame is fitted by marquisette or other dense material on which buttons are in advance sewn. .

Last example (drawing below at the left) considers a case when at a door is not present bearing and, the most important thing, it is a little used.

Panels are cautiously hollowed out and into the formed apertures are inserted jashchichki with shelves, and in such a manner that they on two fifth together with the back Wall leave in the next premise, and on three fifth together with an open lobby As the party act in a premise in which they actually and are used as a shelf. Stability of these boxes which we should adjust precisely, is reached by that, What is the lateral, bottom and top boards strongly privertyvajutsja screws to a frame. Certainly, in these unusual shelves we put only not heavy things, which to To the same will not drop out if to open a door. .