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the Desktop for a two

the Table is, possibly, most universal piece of furniture which is at us in apartment; it is necessary for us for the most different daily affairs. We wish to present you one table in special execution, namely versatily used workplace for a two. This table can stand in the middle of a room if the premise big, and can be the original angular decision. The desktop for a two is entered in a youth room as well, as in a room of a student's hostel. Its basic signs are reduced to that on probably smaller area more to place, create enough of places for storage of various things and optimum possibilities for employment.

As a material it is recommended to use parts from old, not so not used furniture, and also drevesnostruzhechnye plates (DSP). Processing should be the idle time, accessible to everyone. Therefore we suggest to connect this double table nails or screws (needless to say, as those, and others should be drowned, and the apertures formed thus should be puttied shpaklevkoj for wood). However who has more than skill, time and a material for the equipment can make all necessary connections with the help wooden shkantov. .

The sizes of our combination of tables Resulted here are starting, rough. According to possibilities, they need to be varied. It, certainly, depends on a place in a room and from that material which is available for us. The sizes of table-tops the different. At one table-top length - a minimum of 120-140 sm and width - 70 sm; considering that the part of other, smaller table-top leaves under big, its length - 150 sm and width - 60 see We proceed here from this that the thickness of wood - 2 see According to it bolshy a table has height of 78 sm, and smaller - 76 Three bedside tables see are support in this combination; two of them are the main support, both are located under narrower table. Depth at these bedside tables 20-25 see .

In our example the external bedside table (in the top drawing on the right) is supplied in a back wall; the back wall is and at a bedside table represented at the left (under the big table-top). Back walls consist of firm wood-fiber plates. Regiments and walls of bedside tables are knocked together by nails, and table-tops from above privertyvajutsja or also are nailed up by screws. The quantity of shelves in bedside tables depends on quantities of materials which are planned to be held in them. The basic bedside table in the right corner of table-tops can already be, and can have the square form. Thereby it turns out more places for those feet who uses a table. .

On an external corner put still a small bedside table in the form of a box which by means of an internal partition can be divided. It; serves for placing of a various written material and can be strongly connected to a table-top or (in this case with the help shkantov, pasted in the bottom shelf of a bedside table) it can simply be put on a table-top and at any moment act in film. In this case after the bedside table is removed about the table-tops drilled under shkanty of a nest follows, to close corresponding plastic buttons. .

The core on which it is possible to fix mobile desk lamps is inserted Into a bedside table - nadstavku. In the presented variant nadstavki (as is shown in drawings) it from both parties are built in sliding jashchichki (type card-index). For them it is required to us not only an average dividing wall, but also an internal wall bokoviny bedside tables, both that and another as to a sliding surface. jashchichki we simply knock together nails. The bottom jashchichkov (from TDVP or kleenoj plywood - thickness approximately 0,5 sm) from below fastens pins. All nails should be drowned, that boxes at moving did not jam. .