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Decorative partitions on a garden site

In the same way as we in apartment divide the big premises by means of partitions, it is quite possible to divide and the big garden sites, simultaneously pursuing thus the aim to make on a background convenient vacation spot. Is better to equip such wall of type of a fence or a fence in that place of a garden site where there passes border between a lawn and actually a garden. Thereby we simultaneously make expedient division between a zone of rest of a garden site and processed useful areas.

In the present chapter three variants which are especially rough are resulted and open possibilities for the most courageous imagination. The basic idea consists in that, depending on a site arrangement, to equip a fence of any length. In all cases the basic skeleton consists of a frame which, as a rule, is made from bruskov 10 h 10 the Height of a dividing fence see can be 180-200 see That the design was steady, to it it is necessary to attach metal legs, namely so that the bottom beam was over the earth a minimum in 15-20 sm and by that has not been subject to humidity influence from below. .

In the first variant the rectangular frame undertakes (its length should be no more than 3 in which are established rejki, hammered together in the form of Latin letters "V" (the sizes in a diameter: 2-3 sm increased for a thickness of a bar). This simple design can be any sizes and can be (it is desirable painted in white colour) is established in a garden or simultaneously to be used as a skeleton for twisted plants or for a green hedge from pink bushes. Behind (in it and other examples) dividing walls are propped up by inclined support which are put to vertical lateral racks. To a design, and on the other hand privertyvajutsja screws metal cores which on the one hand are fixed in the earth concern wood also, or oblique wooden laths which are nailed up or privertyvajutsja by screws to brusam and are earthed. .

The Following offer puts before the master already a little more challenges. Thus it is a question of a combination of a wooden lattice and racks to which boxes with colours fasten, and the distance for each part should be no more than 150 This element see any number of times and, thanks to the twisted colours planted in boxes can be repeated, makes very original effect in a combination to your garden landscape. .

The Frame is made the same as is described in the first case. The boxes cut from top to bottom with colours (at height of 180-200 their sm should be three-four) privertyvajutsja bolts to vertical brusam. Apertures under the bolts made through brusy, increase in the end so that the nut was in wood and was not visible outside. In other part of our dividing wall it is possible to apply To an intermediate frame brusy a smaller thickness (approximately 5 h 5 sm in a diameter). Separate wooden parts are preliminary precisely adjusted, depending on structure which we wish to receive, nailed up to each other and in the end incorporate nails to a frame. .

Last variant represents a small, dividing wall departing from a garden small house. For this purpose we use wheels from the old manual cart as special decorative elements in other wall. It is thus good, if to top rejke the inclined board (or two as it is represented in the bottom drawing) which will be sheathed from above by a cane is attached. If all this stylised design is still processed morilkoj to dark brown colour and covered by a drying oil layer, it will make very original and at the same time cosy impression. In our example fur-tree poles in diameter approximately 10 are used see Such wall it is possible to make and without brusov. .