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the Cosy verandah

Probably, there is no summer residence which do not have a shady corner where it is possible to sit out of four walls of the house. And, probably, it is not too important, whether the roof of a verandah serves as an awning thus or protects from a rain, and whether there is nearby a green hedge from pink bushes; the main thing here - that it is possible to sit conveniently. And if, besides also with pride to hint that all it is made by own hands, at least, all furniture on a garden site, it will be for certain pleasant also to visitors and, certainly, to the one who has made it.

Two benches made together, already form a corner where it is possible to sit, and the square table finishes equipment of a corner by furniture. Benches can have any length (only through intervals, not less 80 sm, it is necessary to establish intermediate support). However expedient the length allowing easily to transfer a bench from place to place is represented. After all in a garden we wish to have the furniture, allowing to build different combinations, furniture which can be collected and established quickly somewhere among greens. Therefore and the table should be compact: the sizes of a table-top should not exceed 80 x 8ะพ sm (after all, in case of need, always it is possible to make the second such table in addition). .

It is necessary to take table Height between 75 and 78 see Depending on table height, the bench height makes 42-45 sm, and depth of seats - approximately 40 see

The Principle of construction of both pieces of furniture is identical. We make basic frames which in either case consist of two vertical laths (approximately 4 x 5 sm). It incorporate above (on thorns) to a piece of the same thickness and get stability, thanks to connected with them below in a thorn tsargam, at height of the bottom edge, approximately, 8 sm for a bench and 12-15 sm for podstolja. For a table such two connections be required. TSargi zapilivajutsja in the middle vpoldereva, forming krestovinu. .

For podstolja in the beginning stick together krestoviny, and then they incorporate to legs. The table-top basis is made reechnaja by a frame (rejki have a thickness of 2 sm and width of 6-8 sm), its corners are lapped. The table covering becomes from densely adjusted to each other (being from different directions zapodlitso to a frame), from above slightly cut reek, 2 sm having a thickness and width 5-7 see They can be beaten nails or privernuty screws. (Nails should be drowned slightly, and apertures under screws need to be cut preliminary a vertical drill that heads of nails or screws did not act over a board surface). podstole and a table-top incorporate from below to the help naugolnikov. .

Separate basic frames for benches incorporate among themselves on the top forward and back edge by means of longitudinal reek (in a thickness of legs). It is carried out by bilateral cutting out reek. All parts stick together with glue cold otverzhdenija. For bolshej durabilities it is possible to apply in addition nails or long wooden screws. However thus it is necessary to consider what to apply them follows cautiously not to split separate parts. .

Sitting table-top coverings are carried out in the same way, as well as. However thus the distance between rejkami can be, approximately, 1 Rejki see should act in front and behind on 1,5-2 sm for borders of a basic frame, and from sides - on 3,5 see If benches long, joints reek on face edges should be precisely in the middle of a foot part. .

As this garden furniture is often subject to atmospheric influences, it is recommended to process before colouring by its drying oil. However, it should be absorbed and dry some days before the further processing. If it is observed, the furniture made your own hands, will serve to you long.